Heels vs Faces

Heels vs Faces is a fantasy booking game made for wrestling fans. Of course this idea isn’t really new. Fans have always tried to fantasy book wrestling and games such as Extreme Warfare Revenge or Total Extreme Wrestling have been around for ages. What made me build this game was I knew I could make for the modern day. I wanted to make something that fans can you use across multiple devices and hopefully build a community.

The game is completely built for the browser and is responsive. This allows it to be avilable on mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers. All users create their own company with a stacked roster. From there shows can be booked with a variety of type of Matches or Angles. The goal is to entertain your fans so that they give your show a great rating. The better the rating means the more money your show can bring in.

On top of this I wanted users to customize their company. Users can add or drop wrestlers, create their own championship titles, and create their own Tag Teams, Trios or Stables. There is definitely more I want to do with this but right now it’s a great foundation.

For this complex site I ended up using MongoDB, NodeJS, PostCSS, and the AdonisJS framework to build out the site. I wanted to keep the dependencies simple. So I ended up creating own simple CSS framework built on top of the Lost grid. Hopefully this year I will be able to push this site even further.

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