Stromboli (in the oven)!

Stromboli & Chicken Tonight

It’s another Italian night here at Casa Clifford!

We’re having chicken tonight Italian style. I make my Italian salad dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Italian spices and a little crushed red pepper and then sauté it for a little bit to get the flavor mixed well. Oh, forgot a little honey also.

When we decided on the chicken, I had an idea about something special I wanted to add to the meal. I still had some Italian sausage leftover from the other day, and I just couldn’t decide what to do with it until today.

Perfect for Dinner

The other day a reader left a comment on the publication about making stromboli which sounded like a great idea for a meal soon. Then I thought why not tonight as a side dish to the chicken?

I went to work on making the dough as my grandmother used to make for stromboli. Her stromboli dough was slightly different than her bread dough. Mainly it was what type of salt she added to the dough.
Her secret was garlic salt she handmade every so often. It wasn’t a major secret of how she made it as much as how often she made it. She would just get in the mood one day and roast the garlic. Then she would chop it up and add salt and put it in a shaker for us to use whenever.
That was the most flavorable garlic salt I ever had. I remember trying to make it once with her around, and it came out okay, but nothing like hers. I tried again in later years when she was gone, and it didn’t come out like hers. Never understood it, so I quit making it.
Now you can buy it readily and with different ingredients and taste. It’s amazing what’s happened to the food industry. My grandmother would be totally amazed and depressed most likely. Homemade isn’t always the best any longer. You can get some homemade stuff like a red or white sauce in a jar now, and it’s almost as good.

Back to the chicken. After marinating the chicken in the dressing for a little bit I then placed the chicken pieces on a sheet pan, drizzled the leftover dressing over them and added a little garlic salt and lemon pepper (granted this isn’t Italian), but the flavor it adds makes it forgivable in an Italian dish.


I’m adding corn as a veggie dish, nothing exciting about that. No Italian spices or anything. Just butter, lots of it, salt and lemon pepper. It just adds to the flavor, seriously!

Chicken is always fun to try out new recipes. I am always searching for chicken recipes since it’s probably the best meat to test a recipe on in my book. Chefs may differ, but I find chicken forgivable when cooking. That’s mostly true with a new recipe of my own. I love to experiment.

If you’re interest in more about this recipe feel free to email me and I will be glad to give you the details. Just hit me up at


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