Another day, another company launched. Meet Impolite.

Happy 4/20, everyone!

Photo Credit: Anastasia Kovalchuk

We love interviews, and we are too cynical for earnest and generic launch announcements so we decided to give an interview to the harshest people we can deal with: ourselves.

Who the hell are you?

We are a house of movie production professionals and digital media innovators working with brave brands and influencers to create unique video experiences. We are Impolite.

We are a collective of filmmakers, cinematographers, designers, photographers, writers, editors, animators, social media and distribution experts and tech freaks with one common goal: creating content that works and that meets business objectives (and that you and we can be proud of).

What’s special about your “Impolite” thing?

We are meaner and leaner. We are an international collective of talents from around Europe with extensive experience in the media industry. We got together because we believe that our decentralised structure and straight forward approach represent the “wow” effect that both market and creatives need.

What is it that you do?

Lots of things, although our strong point is content production and creative concepts. Branded Films, Social Media, Content Strategy, Consultancy and overall Communication Strategy.

We are proud to serve companies and creatives in multiple spaces like automotive, consumer goods, big data, music, startups, and niche industries.

What’s your special sauce?

We don’t like this tone, chill. You don’t need special sauces when the steak is prime quality but if you really want to know, we consider it to be our work ethics. Specifically because we believe that:

1) Our workflow must be lean. Always.

2) We are proud of working together with commissioners, not just clients.

We are part of of the generation that’s shaping the media landscape from both content creation and distribution perspectives, and we believe in these current days we should market with people, not at people.

3) We apply a collaborative mentality

We take pride in our efforts to collectively guide our everyday decision-making process and open our networks in order to provide our clients with valuable insights and content, up-to-date ideas and a human-driven approach to customer relations. Forget about “magic hacks”, we walk the talk with you and own the responsibility of the results.

4) We are not disruptive.

We’ve already broken things and moved forward (yes, some of us are coming from the startup industry as well). We know our space and we own it — together.

5) We keep an international approach

We see your brand globally, and with the love we want your target audience to see. This is not difficult to us since we are an international network with base in Berlin, and we come from many multiple industries. You can also have a coffee with us in Milan, Barcelona, Madrid, Kiev, Paris and London.

Alright, you got me. Who are your clients?

We have worked with brands like Skoda, Volkswagen, Nike, Audi, Adidas, Hellofresh, Delivery Hero, Airbus, Corneliani, McFit, Samsung, Vevo…

Now just contact us via