Politics? Yes, please
Kate Maxcy

Just a marketing girl living in a political world.

I’m a marketer who has been trained by advertising and design agencies to think creatively while ensuring clients are satisfied at the same time. The industry jargon I’m used to are words and phrases like What’s the Pantone number? and dpi and Make sure those work orders are done EOD!

I wish. At least I get to watch.

I still hear those words on the marketing team at LS2group, the firm I work for whose expertise lies in public relations and public affairs. But we also specialize in government affairs, which is an entirely new ballgame for someone like me who is used to creating ads, websites, and logos for art event companies and pharmaceutical research facilities (which was pretty awesome.)

As the Iowa Caucus buzz ramps up around the state, our clients become more active with a specific goal in mind: reach as many presidential candidates as they possibly can during the election season. It’s actually quite fun to brainstorm new ideas on how we can do this for our clients. But the slang that comes along with that type of is a little overwhelming, especially since I had never been particularly interested in politics before now, or worked with a politically- or issue-driven client. But man, is it fun!

I’ve learned more about the election season and politics in general in the past six months than I ever have before. I now (mostly) understand the process of the Iowa Caucus for both R’s and D’s (← short for Republicans and Democrats, also something I picked up at LS2group), the importance of educating yourself on statewide and national issues, and how critical it is to an organization’s message across to the state government, especially when legislators are in session.

I can’t wait to see what the coming months bring LS2group as our clients ramp up for the Iowa Caucus. It’s been a fun ride so far!