Global Warming & Cast Iron Pans

While researching cast iron pans as a much-needed kitchen upgrade to my teflon-leaching non-stickers, I came across Lodge Mfg, a US cast iron pan manufacturer who opened their first foundry in 1896. Click the link for a Foundary Tour. So cool! While watching the video, I couldn’t help but wonder about the demand for cast iron pans, considering cast iron pans are meant to be kept and loved for many years. I an’t help but wonder: does the demand for virgin cast iron pans meet the rate of production?

I want to ask them the sardine question (more on why we call it ‘the sardine question’ in a later post): How is global warming and climate change affecting your business?

Factories like this one are especially interesting for me, given that I spent the summer of 2012 building a pollution prevention system at TAMKO Frederick, an asphalt roof shingles and building materials plant in Maryland. I was looking at reducing the amount of roof shingles granule aggregate sent to landfill through a drying and separating system.

Roof shingles are estimated to last 20 years (source: Angie’s List), unless the environment is at high risk of extreme weather, and new houses are being built at a rate of 1.1 million per month in the USA.


Is climate change affecting the demand for cast iron pans?

Are you thinking about replacing your scratched up teflon non-stick pan with a lifetime guaranteed cast iron pan?

Is the drive towards conscious consumerism and the demand for less ingredients increasing demand for cast iron pans?

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