On Stage at the GoYouth Conference 2017 in Lisbon!

The GoYouth stage (source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C-lVCjEXkAAdFIW.jpg)

“Want to come to Lisbon and talk to young kids who start things?”. Yes! So on April 27th, Matthew and I walked on stage at GoYouth 2017.

We wanted our talk to be helpful to young people in Lisbon. So we asked “How is climate change a good thing for Lisbon?” We traveled 6 days early to find out.

Sardines and mackerel for dayyyys at Time Out Market (image courtesy http://bit.ly/2s5XjT1)

We found an answer at the Time Out Market in downtown Lisbon. At a sardine stall there, Matthew asked “How is global warming changing your shop”?. She said “Boats don’t catch many sardines these days. It’s the heat of the ocean. We tell people to buy mackerel instead”. Because of this, fish farms multiply in Lisbon. And Lisbon’s fish farms need builders, artists, and coders to make them better. Lisbon’s fish farms need help from Lisbon’s startups!

Hear the whole story in our speech on YouTube, recorded in our hotel suite right before the conference: Impossible Labs

We learned a lesson ourselves in Lisbon. One attendee asked “How can my new idea go global?”. The answer was easy. “Focus on users in your backyard.” Flying back to SF, we took this advice to heart. We missed what’s in our backyard, too. Let’s connect with climate leaders and startups right in SF. Join our Climate Change + Tech meetup group, hosted at Manylabs in SoMa.

We loved working with the Presence Group on our speech. Lee Eisler and Gary Grossman are a joy to work with. The unofficial recording (from our hotel room) of the speech is on YouTube here: Impossible Labs

Thanks to Andre, Diogo, Mafalda, and the GoYouth team. Great meeting all the other speakers, 7 Forbes 30 Under 30, 2 MIT Innovators Under 35, 11 Cannes Lions Awards, $100M+ raised: Kriti Sharma, Geoffroy de Bérail, Temi Mwale, Vassili Christodoulou, Ben Polkinghorne, and Abbas Kazmi.

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