Defying the impossible

Throughout this week, we’ve explored how impossible scenarios are all around us. We’ve wondered at how the impossible breaks in at Advent, how the light of Christ’s birth calls us to actually embrace the impossible as a good thing. And we’ve considered how the impossible can actually lead us to believe in ways we never imagined, never considered, but always longed for. We’ve found that the impossible can actually lead us into some pretty exciting places.

When we practice the season of Advent, which waits upon the light to dawn in the darkest season of the year, we defy the impossible. We say to the deepest darkness that we believe the light is coming. We say to despair that hope is not long off.

To “defy” is to “make something almost impossible.” In this season, we are invited to make the impossible… impossible. To see that the world is turned upside down. To look for the angel’s message, to expect a king to be born in a hay trough, to believe that we ourselves actually belong to a story of cosmic significance.

All the while, we wait for the moment when the light breaks over the horizon on the dawning of Christmas. We wait defiantly in the dark. We wait in hope, in trust, and in impossible faith.

It’s a joy to wait with you. Grace and peace,


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