Holding hope for others

This week we engage the theme of impossible, tireless, thrilling “hope.”

Holding hope for others

During the season of Advent, it may be impossible for some of us to hope. Impossible because hope has been crushed. Impossible because we don’t believe in the promises of God’s love or that a better, more excellent way of life is possible. Impossible because we’ve tried hope for so long and we’ve grown weary.

For others, the season is filled with light and magic and immense possibility. Hope can’t help but bubble up out of us as they see the joy and transformative power that breaks in when God comes to be with us in the form of the Christ child.

Wherever you are today, how are you interacting with hope?

If you find hope in the season, will you open yourself up to it all the more so you can hope on other’s behalf? Can you make room in yourself to hold hope for someone who cannot this year?

And if you’re longing to have hope, but find it impossible — will you let others hold it for you?

Because here’s the deal — we belong to each other. So I trust that you’ll live in hope for me when I’ve lost it all. And I’ll do the same for you.

The shepherds ran into town from the fields holding hope for so many more than themselves. It was good news, of great joy, for all people that they carried with them to Bethlehem.

In hope,


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