Holding hope for the world

As we slow down during the season of Advent, we become more able to notice the created world around us.

At the edges of winter, we know that plants, animals, and all creatures subject to the elements of the natural world encounter a harshness, a bitterness of cold and scarcity. In this season, all creation begins to groan a bit more than normal under the weight of what seems like the beginning of an unending, impossible darkness.

The Apostle Paul, one of the earliest ministers of the church, spoke of this groaning, the longing of creation. He reminded us that we do not hope in things that we see, things that we call possible, but instead we hope in what is unseen, hope in what is beyond the edge of winter, beyond the glimmer of the dawn.

As we become reacquainted with longing in this season, we not only hold hope for the other who has no hope, but we also hold hope in solidarity with all of creation. As the created world faces the scarcity of winter or the pressures of environmental degradation, we are invited to stand with it, for it, longing for the impossible light of Christ to dawn and make things new, make things grow and flourish and thrive once more.

May you slow down enough today to notice the groaning of the world around you.



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