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Waiting in the Dark — Christmas Eve

Waiting. That’s what this whole season has been about. Waiting is what we focus on in Advent. We believe the light is going to come and so we wait.

We believe that in the birth of Christ, peace has come. And so each year, we prepare and wait and long and hope that this peace would be born in us again. We anticipate that in the joy of Christmas morning, the light would rekindle a fire in our hearts and bring about peace on earth in the fullest sense.

On Christmas Eve we wait in the dark before the dawn. The deepest moment of the waiting is in these last few hours of Advent. The darkness is about to pass away — a new day is dawning and with it the light of the world!

What have you been waiting for this season? What is the impossibility that stands before you, the thing you’ve been longing to overcome? What’s the place where you’ve been invited to stand in faith, trusting that the great light of the world is beginning to dawn and make things new?

As this season draws to a close, I hope you have a moment to reflect back and wonder at how the light has been with you all along, sowing seeds in your life that will bear fruit in the days to come. I pray that you will share the good, true, beautiful light with those you spend these days with, those to whom you belong. May the peace of Christ dwell in you.

And wait…the light comes soon.



What’s next?
There is more in store beyond Advent for Impossible Light. Find out more here.



reflections for the season of advent on impossibility, hope, light, and darkness

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