Book of Possibilities: your guide to creating the future

“It’s from the champions of the impossible, rather than from slaves of the possible, that evolution draws its creative force” — Barbara Wootton

“What future do you want?”.

The future that we want originates in our imagination, not in our present. It’s different from “What future awaits for us?”. What awaits for us seems inevitable, it is one of the ramifications of the present. When you ask “What future awaits for us?” you’re bound by the present and its possibilities. However, if you ask “What future do you want?” you are free from the possibilities. You can start with … impossibilities.

We think that the future should not be inevitable — it should be desired before it’s created. We want the future to be composed of possibilities, not inevitabilities.

Perhaps, that’s why something that started as a Trend Book didn’t catch on in our team. We found it more challenging to model the future that we want than try to predict the future that we are going to get. In our hands, the book of trends transformed into the Book of Possibilities.

Book of Possibilities, printed version

Book of Possibilities is a common effort of the Impossible collective to explore a vast expanse of (im)possibilities that should have presence in our future.

Future inevitably feels like moving forward, evolving, improving. But the future of something is not necessarily an improved version of that something. The future of slavery is not better slavery. The future of travel in the horse age was not obviously better horse travel. Using the same logic, the future of cars may be electric but the future of travel may have nothing to do with cars. At least not the future we want.

What about the future of shopping? No shopping? Dating? Insurance? Money? We apply “the future we want” logic, and then we don’t want shopping, we want access to things. We don’t want to date, we want to meet the right people. We don’t want VR, we want R.

We wrote the Book of Possibilities not to give answers, but rather, ask the right questions. We are offering you a guide to creating the future, but it’s you (and each one of us) who has to do the walking.

Book of Possibilities comes in 9 chapters. Each chapter provides a glimpse into the part of our future — transparent products, future cities, generative design, happiness vs. distraction, and others.

We invite you to give it a go at this malleable future. For a starter download Book of Possibilities on our website and let’s discuss.