Glimpse — a sneak peek into your creative self

Glimpse is an augmented reality (AR) platform for social play.

Our lives are interlaced with technology, yet the way we communicate using our bodies, in the physical world, hasn’t changed. Glimpse challenges that.

Impossible Labs wanted to build something that could be used by other apps that wish to use the physical social space, to add value to people’s lives. Glimpse lets people reveal their true creative selves in AR, and to connect and share meaningful embodied expressions of self.

How does it work?

The app users select the 3D object they wish to embody, whilst being able to see other Glimpse users through the mobile camera.

We have used depth sensing camera technology and our Tango expertise to identify users, and position 3D objects around their bodies.

How will it feel?

Glimpse gives users a grander view of life.

Anyone with the app will be able to see others’ true creative selves, so crowds will become fun again. Perhaps you will sit opposite a dragon on the train today, or a mermaid. How would you greet a dragon on the morning rush hour train?

Glimpse is like a window to secret personas that were not visible before Glimpse. We are about to have a new layer of reality to be whoever and whatever we want.

Development timeline for Glimpse: Alpha release in August 2017, Beta release in November 2017, Platform release in February 2018.

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