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Impossible Minds: Christin Kreml

Jun 25, 2020 · 4 min read

Our Impossible Minds series profiles the individuals who are building new possibilities for the future across technology, design and culture. This time we talked with Christin Kreml, Creative Project Manager & UX Researcher, who is fascinated to work side by side with people on a global scale and considers herself a gratitude + new-age spiritual nerd.

What’s fascinating about your role at Impossible?

Question is… What isn’t fascinating about it?

From the outside, my role as a Creative Project Manager looks pretty boring — filled with meetings, lists, and gantt charts. While my day to day involves many of those things, my position and current allows me to be curious, continuously learn and grow my skill set. Whether it’s interviewing patients, setting up communication processes, or translating an app into German, each day brings new ah-ha moments and definitely keeps me on my toes!

I’m also fascinated that each day I get to work side by side with people on a global scale. Our team is made up of people from Portugal, Latvia, Switzerland, as well as the Bay Area and it amazes me that we’re all working together to achieve the same goal — to help improve digital healthcare.

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Christin’s children

What problem are you solving now?

How to work at home with two kids during a pandemic. Aren’t we all? Thankfully, as a freelancer for 10 years, I’ve had a bit of experience with juggling lunchtime prep and client calls — and pandemic life is no different! The key is to figure out your routine so there is a little bit of order among the chaos. Not every day will be the same and there will be some video-game filled moments. However, giving yourself grace and trying again each day is all that we can do.

Tell us a story

Oh gosh. How about the time I spent a year living in a Motorhome with my husband, two kids, & two dogs?

We did it all — we sold our home, sold everything we owned, renovated an RV, then traveled the US. As cliche as it sounds, it was magical and life changing all rolled into one. We saw some of the most beautiful places the United States has to offer — like Yellowstone, Giant Redwoods, white sands of Florida, Palm Trees in Cali, even the red rocks of Arizona. We adventured. We road schooled. We had plenty of delays and setbacks that challenged our mindset but we pushed past the fear of the unknown and came out with an experience of a lifetime. One that reset our core and I’ll forever be grateful for. If you ever get the opportunity… do it.

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What are you currently obsessed with and why?

After moving into a “sticks and bricks” (official RV lingo for ‘house’), it was my goal to fill our home with greenery and things that are meaningful in order to create a space that is calm and inviting. Each week I try to sneak a plant or two in and add to our beautiful collection. My favorite are all the unique tropical plants I’ve found that need a little extra love. It only takes a few weeks and you can truly see the change you’re making in the little plant’s life.

I also spend countless hours digging through Facebook marketplace looking for unique furniture and decor. Since we sold almost everything before hitting the road, it’s been a fun process rebuilding and reshaping what our ‘home’ looks like. My favorite things to look for are a mix between modern and eclectic. And I love a good looking Buffet!

Tell us something not many people know…

I’m a bit of a gratitude + new-age spiritual nerd. Crystals and Tarot cards are my love language. I follow the moon phases and can talk mindset and manifestation all day long. I fully believe that what you ask the Universe will come to you one way or another. You may have to learn some lessons first but as long as you have a gratitude centered mindset, anything can happen. Trust me! (Check out: Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout — it changed my life.)

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