Impossible Minds: Filipe Castro Matos

Nov 4, 2020 · 3 min read

Our Impossible Minds series profiles the individuals who are building new possibilities for the future across technology, design and culture. This time we talked with Filipe Castro Matos, our Head of Marketing at Bond Touch, who is passionate about understanding how people think and move and fascinated to see the real impact he has in people’s lives.

What do you enjoy about your role at Impossible?

Being the Head of Marketing of a brand like Bond Touch allows me to explore all kinds of crazy ideas and put into practice what many times is only theory. I have an important role in making sales happen but what fascinates me more is the challenge of capturing the attention of such a global and diverse audience. Having started in 2018 and in an early stage of this startup, I’m proud of everything we have achieved — the numbers are out of this world but the best thing is to see that we have a real impact on people’s lives by creating an easy way to keep them connected to their loved ones, especially important in times like this.

What problem are you solving now?

On a company level, how to scale Bond Touch’s business and brand to other regions in the world, having the same impact we are creating in the US. At an individual level, definitely how to work and be productive remotely — Impossible was already pretty flexible with working from home practices but it’s a challenge to discover ways to keep collaborating with the team in the same way we did before.

What are you passionate about?

Understanding how people think and move, online and offline, then helping them by providing the right product or service for their needs and desires, without forgetting global wellbeing!

What kind of future do you want?

For sure a more sustainable world where everybody is aware that anything in excess is always too much whether it is consuming the planet’s resources or your own happiness. Balance for you and your future generations is paramount!

What would you say are the biggest challenges to achieving that future?

Education is crucial. Without eliminating the huge educational gaps between the different regions in the world we’ll not be able to save the planet as a whole.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Impossible?

The people! There are not many working places where you can find such a diverse and interesting group of people. It’s not about their skills, it’s about their interests and life experiences. These people make me constantly think, discuss, learn and grow as a professional and an individual.

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