Kwamecorp becomes part of the Impossible family

It always seems impossible until it’s done

We are happy to reveal a major brand transformation at our company: after 5 years of existence as Kwamecorp, we are shedding our old skin to adopt a new brand name — Impossible.

They say you cannot judge a book by its cover. But you can definitely judge it by its name. We love our old name and always will, but we admit it was too enigmatic to convey the meaning. Impossible, on the contrary, reveals as much about us as a word possibly can. Impossible is a play of words on “I’m Possible” — it’s about turning seemingly impossible ideas into reality. Impossible stands for openness, transparency and honesty — the foundation of our values and attitudes. It is a brand name that embodies the fearless action that we inevitably take to tackle some of the world’s seemingly impossible problems.

Impossible has a proven record of making meaningful, positive change. Started as a gift economy social platform by Lily Cole in 2013, it has since expanded to other areas — promoting transparent supply chains and thoughtful manufacturing through Impossible Shop, organising workshops, and sparking meaningful conversations via Impossible to Print. As Impossible Labs we are adding technological and designer expertise to the bucket, which will allow us to better meet our common social mission, scale our positive impact, and accelerate shared value.

“Kwamecorp as a company was set up without a purposeful brand identity, it was just a group of people coming together to solve problems”, says Kwame, Founder and CEO at Kwamecorp. “We realised that together with we share a vision of solving problems through products but Impossible communicated it better. We decided to join forces under the common identity”.

We are also very happy to welcome Lily Cole as an advisor at Impossible Labs. Lily is known for being an active advocate for socio-political and environmental issues. She will contribute her knowledge and expertise to help us create distinctive, responsible products that improve people’s lives. Together we will be able to build greater awareness and encourage open dialogue about the world’s future.

Lily: “Kwamecorp have been working with Impossible for several years, from connecting people to share, to helping them shop conscientiously. Both companies share a vision of using technology to solve problems. It therefore felt like a natural next step for the two companies to align their missions more closely and work together under a shared identity. So henceforth, Kwamecorp will become part of the Impossible family, as a principal engine behind the Impossible mission. Welcome to the world, Impossible Labs.”

To learn more about Impossible, check out “Alain de Botton in conversation with Lily Cole” and “Sharing has been hijacked”.