Teachers (thinker's remix)

Daft Punk’s Homework was released 20 years ago.

It included a track called “Teachers” where the lyrics are just a list of 43 Djs and Producers. A beautiful homage to those who influenced them.

If you’ve never heard it, stop and press play bellow.

Remember, this was Daft Punk’s first album. At the time, they weren’t “Daft Punk” but still they still felt they should pay tribute to those who “made” them.

Then, I got this message on Slack:

That last sentence sent my Imposter Syndrome through the roof. The things I talk about are just a (badly stitched) patchwork of stuff I’ve been reading and researching. There’s not much beyond that.

So what could I write about?

I don’t feel I have a strong enough voice or original thinking to be writing stuff that adds anything worthwhile to other people’s lives. But I do read a lot of people that do. Some of them already have a considerable following, some don’t.

So, in the spirit of that Daft Punk track, I decided to collect a list of my 43 favorite thinkers and writers.

No particular order. Just people that help me think about stuff and, sometimes, reconsider my point of view .
(I’ve split the list into 4 categories to make it a bit more digestible: Tech, Product Management/UX/Design, Society and Marketing.)


Benedict Evans

Andrew Chen

Ben Thompson

Horace Dediu

Sangeet Paul Choudary

Neil Cybart

Kevin Kelly

John Gruber

Sam Altman

Fred Wilson

Steve Sinofsky

Subrahmanyan KVJ

Venkatesh Rao

Chris Messina

Pascal Finette

Ben Horowitz

Paul Graham

Ash Mauyura

Steve Blank

Chris Dixon

Brad Feld

Ben Bajarin

Swift on Security

Simon Wardley

Alexis Madrigal