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Top 10 Hyper-Personalised Medicine

May 5 · 4 min read

According to MIT, Hyper-personalized medicine is one of the breakthrough technologies of 2020. Medical and technological advances mean that individual programmes of medicine can be developed more quickly and at a lower cost. Here we consider a range of products that provide individual healthcare, ranging from support with cancer and metabolic diseases to nutritional advice and cleaning teeth.

Here are 10 projects we believe are changing healthcare as we know it…

1) Control IQ

Control IQ is a new technology which will let people with diabetes customise their treatment and automatically adjust their insulin levels. Through an advanced hybrid closed-loop system, Control-IQ’s algorithm automatically adjusts insulin in response to predicted glucose levels. The aim is to alleviate the strain on patients and caregivers through a system that can better mimic what a healthy pancreas does.

2) Nourished

Nourished make 3D printed customisable vitamins. Their multivitamin gummies are tailored specifically to an individual’s needs and come in a visually striking stack, striped with bands of colour. Each band contains a different nutrient, and a single multivitamin can have up to seven ingredients, according to specific requirements.

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3D printed customizable vitamins

3) Careology Health

Carelogy Health is aiming to empower cancer patients, by allowing them to better track their own physiology and manage their symptoms, side effects, and medication, as well as helping them understand when they should seek support from a healthcare professional. They combine technology, science and data to put the patients in control and allow them to share their information with family, friends and experts.

⁠4) Samsung Bot Care

Samsung Bot Care is a healthcare assistant, designed to help people manage their daily health routine. The robot tracks heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, and can let designated family members know if there is a medical emergency. It can also monitor your sleep and let you know when to take your medicine.

Samsung Bot — healthcare assistant

5) Quin

Quin is developing an app that combines daily life experience with data from diabetes devices and phones, to help people decide how much insulin to take and when. Their goal is to “turn human experience into science” and thus help people better manage their self-care by offering them personalised advice.

6) Span

Span is a digital care provider that is connecting patients with nutritional and behavioural health professionals, to help counter medication-only treatments for metabolic disorders. Their professional team design individual nutrition and mental well being programmes to assist patients with metabolic diseases, like prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS and more.

7) Navify Tumor Board

Navify Tumor Board is a cloudbased solution that enables multi-disciplinary oncology care teams to collaborate through a singly integrated dashboard. By integrating clinically relevant patient data with guidelines and real world data, care teams are able to work more efficiently and provide a personalised treatment approach for patients. This is a project that Impossible is proud to have partnered on.

8) Ebb Precision Cool

Ebb Precision Cool is a wearable sleep technology that promotes more restorative sleep. They use targeted cooling of the frontal cortex to calm an overactive mind and maintain an optimal temperature range, in order to promote better sleep. By working with your body’s natural rhythms, the goal is to move away from medicated sleep to something more natural.

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Ebb Precision Cool — a wearable sleep technology.

9) Oral B IO

Oral B IO have developed a smart toothbrush that creates a data-generated dental experience for users, which is said to be its best yet. Combining 3D tracking and AI recognition, the toothbrush lets you know how much pressure to apply, how long to brush for, and allows you to individually tailor your brushing experience with seven different modes to choose from.

10) DNA nudge

DNA nudge is a wearable device that provides personalised nutrition and shopping recommendations based on your DNA. When shopping the device will nudge you to help you make healthier choices and select food that will work best for your specific body. You can also synch with other members of your family and give them the green light on the snacks they can eat.

DNA nudge — a wearable device that provides personalised nutrition.

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