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Impossible Product Update #2

Hello Impossible community!

Amidst the recent market volatility and uncertainty, we’ve had an extremely busy past couple of weeks on the product and technical development side of things and just wanted to keep everyone posted on our progress. We also want to reassure everyone that the team remains focused and committed in building the best place for users to learn, discover and invest in crypto opportunities. And today, we have some exciting news for you!

Impossible doesn’t want to be just another Launchpad. We want to bring only the highest quality of projects to our users. We also observe that the Launchpad space is evolving rapidly, not just in project sophistication, but also talent, and are encouraging signs of a maturing space. Impossible believes in building for the “now”, and also building for the future.

So in broad strokes, we will be gradually tweaking our Launchpad mechanisms to encourage participants to not just stake, purchase, claim and trade; but also to actually try out our partners’ actual products, in other words, to be actual users. We think this is more sustainable and moves Web3 forward into a better future for projects and users alike.

Now back to our regular programming, here are a number of product pushes that are currently live since our last update:

  • Revamped Swap V2 interface with Swap V3 contracts: Bringing lower swap slippage, improved stablecoin support, custom swap pair parameters and bolstered security by BlockSec, Beosin and Pessimistic
Impossible Swap V2 interface with V3 contracts

And also:

  • Multichain support across 5 other chains for Impossible IDO and Swap: Moonriver, Moonbeam, Avalanche, Boba and Aurora
  • IDIA bridge/liquidity on the above-mentioned chains
  • New wallet integrations: Coinbase and Klever
  • News carousel on the landing page
  • A new analytics page:
  • Support for NFT Launchpads with our Extend and Ancient8 IDOs

Today, we are launching the future of what Impossible will look like. This also marks the completion of our transition to our new design language, on both landing and on all product pages.

With a clearer, visual timeline of the events, we have worked to give our users a more deliberate, seamless experience. Our smart contracts have also completed full block timestamp migration to give you a more accurate estimation of even times. Users are also able to set reminders to their calendars so that they never miss another event again.

Impossible’s new staking, purchase and claim page

The main page has also been overhauled with a more immersive, informative interface. Users are able to see the live and upcoming projects at a glance, easily switch between networks, and see past project launch performance. We are also combining the invest domain and swap domain into a single domain for a seamless experience (users won’t have to connect wallet twice).

You’ll also notice a revamped wallet modal that acts as an account page of sorts, giving you easy access to your KYC status, your wallet token balances and easy links to useful tools like explorers and bridges with our partners at Multichain (Anyswap). Users will also find a section that gives them visibility on active projects they are participating in, whether tokens are being staked, waiting to be purchased or claimed. Let’s see if you can spot a few hints of upcoming unreleased features in this screenshot too :)

Impossible’s revamped main page and account sidebar

On top of completing our product overhaul, we have also added a whole suite of backend and smart contract upgrades:

  • Stakedrops now have the option to be user claimed instead of manual airdrops which can be prone to human error, we will make a gradual transition to this format
  • Users are also able to view all cards on all networks at the same time, this is made possible by some clever Web3 integration by our Engineering team
  • Our staking and purchase/claim architecture has been reworked completely from the ground up to be modular and composable, and we can now support any permutation of the following parameters:
  1. Private (Gleam) or public cards (IDOs and Stakedrops)
  2. Claim or manual airdrops (as above)
  3. Purchase allocation (IDOs) or free tokens (Stakedrops)
  4. Pre-calculated stakeweight (IDOs and Stakedrops) or pre-determined fixed amounts (Gleam) or live accruals (coming soon)

And with that, we’ve come to the end of our update! Stay tuned as we continue to buidl the Impossible together ❤️

🐧 About Impossible Finance
Impossible Finance is the go-to crypto investment platform that empowers you with high-quality, fair and accessible crypto opportunities. We simplify DeFi so you can enjoy fairer investing, cheaper trading and better yields through our accelerator, launchpad, and swap platform.

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  • Risk Warning: Trading and/or generally investing in any cryptocurrency involve significant risks and can result in the complete loss of your capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and you should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved. Before investing, please consider your level of experience, objectives, and risk tolerance, and seek independent financial and legal advice if necessary. It is your responsibility to ascertain whether you are permitted to use the services of Impossible Finance based on the legal and regulatory requirements of your country of residence and/or applicable jurisdiction(s).




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