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StableX is now Impossible.Finance


We are pleased to announce that from today, the StableX.Finance project is officially Impossible.Finance.

Since Monday, 1st of March 2021, we have been working to recruit a group of industry professionals to improve and implement the next iteration of our project, Impossible.Finance.

We are extremely fortunate to be identifying and speaking with project leaders who are early stage, long-term blockchain and DeFi ecosystem contributors. They will bring their networks, capabilities and experience in various sectors including technology, finance/fintech and blockchain/DeFi, and will be instrumental in making Impossible.Finance central to the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Personally, I cannot wait for the new talent to join us. I would also like to thank the original project team and everyone that has been a contributor and/or supporter to the project so far. The recent developments of the last three days are significant, and I am really excited to be participating in the growth of our project and the endless possibilities we now have.

The Impossible is now possible.


Joe — Community Admin

The following introduces some of the high-level concepts and project plan of Impossible.Finance.

Legacy finance has always favored institutions and large-volume traders. Having economies of scale, they get access to products and tools that smaller players don’t. This goes against the inclusivity and open nature of crypto and DeFi, and we believe that everyone should have the same access to financial products.

As Impossible.Finance, our vision remains the same, to:

Level the playing field by building a fair, more accessible open financial system for all.

A truly fair financial market would have been inconceivable before, but because of DeFi, we can finally provide:

  • Better interest yields and access to a greater suite of financial products for retail
  • Crowdfunding tools to bootstrap businesses in a safe, fair and open manner for builders
  • Positive-sum opportunities together for traders, investors, projects, and protocols

Amidst the geopolitical uncertainty and global monetary inflation during this pandemic, Impossible.Finance is exactly what we need to provide better outcomes and financial products for everyone.

Impossible.Finance’s mission extends upon StableXSwap; while we are still building out the most efficient stablecoin swap on Binance Smart Chain, we are moving on to ask ourselves what are the holistic products and infrastructure we need to build to make the largest impact on the world.

At our core, we want to bridge financial instruments and DeFi, as we realize that is the only sustainable, enduring way forward. By creating easy, familiar interfaces, we enable investment into DeFi by the conventional finance fraternity; by offering a variety of real-world instruments on DeFi, we introduce their benefits to the crypto-native community (after all finance has a 4,000 year head start), all while remaining true to our values of openness and innovation.

Our next products will encompass several core products focused on front-end and smart contract product innovation:

  • In the near term, the team will focus on migration and integration of swaps, liquidity provision, yield and staking features into a single, seamless product. Also we will be unveiling a series of pages that will encapsulate our new extended vision and mission.
  • In the medium term, we aim to launch our own non-custodial, native client, with insurance features as well as a fair-launch platform for projects and protocols to be financially self-sustaining. This product will be the window to our entire Impossible.Finance ecosystem of stable-assets pools with low-to-zero impermanent loss, extending our products beyond the vanilla savings products of DeFi today.
  • In the long term, we are planning a seamless, multi-chain front-end focused around yield, with various DeFi integrations and AMM aggregators (AMMAGG) so that users can get the best rates and the best yields regardless of the asset, the location and the chain of where those assets are held. This will also encompass cross-chain swaps and a suite of tools and frameworks that enable future projects and protocols to make their imagination a reality.

The evolution to Impossible.Finance as a brand is in line with our mainnet upgrade, an expanded product roadmap and most significantly, the recruiting of a new team with relevant vertical expertise. Once our team members are signed on, engaged and onboarded, we will be introducing this team very soon.

Lastly, in the same timeframe, we will share our token migration strategy from StableXSwap (STAX) to Impossible.Finance (IF), Impossible’s native token. We envision IF to be the central “root” value-accrual token with a capped supply that remains true to STAX’s values of a fair launch with no ICO and no pre-mine.

Join us in our mission to democratize finance and build an inclusive financial ecosystem.

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Building radically better finance for the world

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