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5 min readJun 3, 2021


Today Impossible Finance becomes the Impossible family. In building out our comprehensive DeFi incubator, launchpad and swap platform, Impossible is excited to announce its raise of over $7M from over 125 institutional and angel investors to redefine “launching” with the Impossible Decentralized Incubator Access (IDIA) token.

The round was co-led by True Ventures, CMS Holdings, Alameda Research, and Hashed.

Our amazing community of investors and supporters include Sino Global Capital, IOSG, Divergence, GBV,, Lemniscap, Primitive, Incuba Alpha, BR Capital, Coin98, Ternary Capital, The LAO, Maple Leaf Capital, Longhash, Bitscale, and others.

A number of individual angel investors also participated, including Sandeep Naiwal (Matic), Kain Warwick & Jordan Momtazi (Synthetix), Bette Chen & Ruitao Su (Acala), Bobby Ong & TM Lee (Coingecko), Larry Cermak (The Block), Calvin Liu (Compound), Leo Cheng (C.R.E.A.M.), Suji Yan (Mask), and others.

Impossible Finance is building a multi-chain ecosystem for promoting growth of DeFi liquidity and composability. Starting on Binance Smart Chain, Impossible Finance plans to also support other EVM chains, such as Ethereum and Polygon, with more deployments scheduled on future L2 solutions and other platforms. Impossible will also offer an AMM liquidity protocol which acts as the backbone of the ecosystem that features a fully decentralized incubator and launchpad for new projects in DeFi.

Through the incubator, Impossible Finance will offer support and assistance for prospective crypto builders. The project has been launched by DeFi veterans and avid hackathon participants, including Calvin Chu, formerly of Binance Research. Calvin’s experience in leading Binance Staking across 30 blockchains and supporting project diligence for Binance Launchpad sets the tone for Impossible’s guidance in helping projects launch. Furthermore, incubated projects will be able to leverage Impossible’s liquidity and cross-chain support to ensure a successful launch on the market.

We wanted to highlight some of the really excited funds and angel investors that joined our fundraise:

“The crypto community has always been involved in seeking better alternatives to conventional shareholder capitalism. The flexibility and composability of blockchain technology have allowed us to be creative in compensating contributions and allocating ownership to those who add value. We believe Impossible Finance will be a significant step forward in this industry wide experiment with its sophisticated architecture, and we will be dedicated to support the team’s vision to ‘level the playing field by building a fair, more accessible open financial system for all’”. — HASHED

“CMS is excited to help support Impossible.Finance’s mission of being an accelerator in the DeFi ecosystem. Creating a YCombinator-esque platform for teams building in decentralized finance will help take the ideas of developers and materialize them into working products. We see them as an obvious leader in this space and think they will ultimately turn the potential of DeFi applications into reality.” — @CMSIntern — CMS Holdings

“Sino Global Capital is excited to announce our investment in Impossible Finance and their fantastic team. While the defi space has been growing rapidly, top project teams are commonly slowed by challenges in parts of their value chains, increasing time to market and reducing innovation. Impossible Finance aims to solve this pain point through their “decentralized YCombinator” vision which goes beyond basic “fair launches” to supporting builders across all areas of need, freeing project teams to focus on product and users.

Impossible Finance has taken a first-principle approach that, with their innovative business-to-developer focus, addresses issues inherent in legacy launch infrastructure while creating specialized, sector-specific, investment tracks that direct allocation toward power users and away from speculation. This is a huge step forward for the professionalization of our industry and we could not be more excited.” — Sino Global Capital

“We believe Impossible Finance (IF) has the potential to create a great bootstrapping platform for next-generation projects, allowing developers to focus on building and shipping products, while the community of angels, users & investors take care of everything else. Moreover, it does so in chain-agnostic fashion, being present in all of the relevant Layer 1 blockchains. We look forward to seeing IF’s innovative spirits come true and are excited to support this amazing team.” — IOSG Ventures

“We are seeing the market shift investment from the hands of big institutions to community incubation in this market cycle. By leveraging their communities, DeFi can unleash the power of crowd wisdom and further empower the projects to become much more decentralized. We are happy to back Impossible Finance and are fully committed to the vision of “building inclusive financial instruments via DeFi.” Leslie Tam & @0xMinion, Genesis Block Ventures

“I’m really excited about Impossible Finance launchpad as a solution to give projects flexibility in raising capital while leveling up the trust with their users and investors” — Fabien, Snapshot.

“Fearless builders are really the ones who push the space forward and make magic happen — to that end, Calvin and his team have consistently impressed me with their connections, knowledge, and willingness to get their hands dirty even when the going gets tough. I trust that Impossible Finance as ‘incubator protocol’ is a very welcomed addition to the resource founders can tap as they embark on the Web3 journey.” — Maple Leaf Capital

“Calvin is a fanatic buidler and a phenomenal supporter for fellow builders in the ecosystem all across. He has personally helped Polygon and Polygon ecosystem projects at various stages. I have seen him support developers on hackathons all the way to their fund raise, product launches and user acquisition, and am confident in Impossible’s ability to extend this in a systematic way.” — Sandeep Naiwal, Polygon

“By enabling individuals a more democratized way to participate in wealth generation avenues, Impossible’s innovation will bring about a more effective way for teams to inspire brand loyalty and spread the love.” — TN Lee, Pendle

The entire Impossible community is really excited to bring on such a diverse and impressive army of builders, angel investors, and strategic DeFi and trading-focused funds to help create the next generation of blockchain projects. The ‘livepaper’ garnered over 400 edits from the top builders and investors in this space, and the Impossible community can’t wait to provide the same type of support to the projects that launch through the Impossible incubator. — Calvin Chu, Impossible Finance

We can’t wait to kickstart this impossible journey with so many amazing new BUIDLers, investors and users!

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