TM NETWORK Set Foot on the Earth to Investigate a Human Life 30 Years Ago

The story tells us that TM NETWORK set foot on the earth to investigate a human life 30 years ago. They had finished their mission and left the earth.


TM NETWORK, one of the famous Japanese bands, began their career as a professional musician on April 21, 1984. They has tried different genre of music such as rock, electro, funk, and Latin music.

Breaking the rest period, TM NETWORK restarted on March 20, 2012. The band appeared on the charity concert ALL That LOVE -give&give- for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake. The concert turned the hands of a clock of TM NETWORK.

TM NETWORK prepared the new concert in parallel with the charity concert. The concert TM NETWORK CONCERT -Incubation Period- was held on April. They built the following concept for the stage: the members of TM NETWORK come from the space. Their mission is to investigate how people on the earth live and what they think and to report them to the brain of their mother ship.

The new song I am was released on the same day as the concert. All of FANKS, which means the TM NETWORK lovers, were so glad to listen to new song after an interval of about five years! By the way, Mike Smith, ex-Limp Bizkit, plays guitar for this song.

Music video for performing I am

The term for TM NETWORK as an investigator is 30 years. They have performed the mission since 1984. They have to pass a torch to next investigators. In 2012, they began to instruct their followers for a new investigator.

The next concert TM NETWORK FINAL MISSION -START investigation- was held on July, 2013. Three new investigators appeared on a rural town in U.S. in 1950's to try to watch a human life. People are close to the newcomers including the investigators, but some conservative persons did not trust them and then attacked them. The investigators recognized that it is also one of human behavior. TM NETWORK waited and saw how the new investigators move.

Many investigators came to the earth in several times and places. They committed the human life and history. If a superior human being, as it is called a genius, such as Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci were be an investigator, we can think that they came to the earth to contribute to development of a human life. However, it is not related whether it is famous or not. A person standing at your side may be one of investigators…

Music video for performing LOUD

On April 22, 2014, TM NETWORK released two new works: the single LOUD, and the album DRESS2. The album includes the songs newly recorded with recent electronic sound. The new recording is called “reproduction” by TM NETWORK. Some songs such as GET WILD, the most famous in TM NETWORK songs, changed to EDM (Electronic Dance Music) style.

The stage was changed in 2014. TM NETWORK has created what appears to be an android in the mother ship. The concert tour TM NETWORK 30th 1984- the beginning of the end unveiled the process of the creation.

At the same time, the story about a baton was started in this concert. The baton is a symbolic item for an investigator. All the investigators have the baton, and pass it on to some followers when their term is finished. TM NETWORK passed one of the batons on to something like an android they created in the mother ship. They delivered it with the baton to the earth.

Sampler of the album QUIT30

TM NETWORK released the album titled QUIT30 on October 29, 2014. The album includes two suites: QUIT30 suite and CAROL2014 suite. The former consists of eight songs and expresses the story for the rest concerts. On the other hand, the latter is the new version of the CAROL suite, which is composed in 1988 and consists of four songs.

The theme of the QUIT30 suite is good and bad aspects of SNS. A huge amount of information can be diffused by SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. Too many people can share the same words, songs, pictures and movies around the world. We can share our data, but can we exchange our feelings or impressions through SNS?

The concert tour TM NETWORK 30th 1984- QUIT30 started along with the release of the album. This tour had finished on January, 2015. The stage was managed with the QUIT30 suite at the core.

The story traveled in Yokosuka, Jakarta and London. A huge amount of information are projected to the big LED screen. Some of investigators appeared in the screen. They has been integrated into people’s everyday life around the world. The story told us some answers for the riddles which had sent by TM NETWORK, and left more implication.

Trailer of TM NETWORK 30th 1984- QUIT30

A month after the last day of the tour, the next concert TM NETWORK 30th 1984- QUIT30 HUGE DATA was held on February, 2015. The stage was managed with the CAROL2014 suite at the core.

The CAROL suite and CAROL2014 suite were mixed at the stage. The woman, who stood on stage in 1988 and played the lead character in the story of CAROL, appeared in the screen. She talked about CAROL and sent a message for TM NETWORK and FANKS.

The three-years-long project was quit by the concert TM NETWORK 30th FINAL on March, 2015. At the start of the concert, Tetsuya Komuro, who is a producer/keyboard player of TM NETWORK, threw a baton out the window of a jet plane in the screen. A baton fell and went somewhere else.

At the last scene of this concert, TM NETWORK handed over the baton to the audience. What does it mean? FANKS received the baton, that’s to say, received the mission to investigate a human life on the earth. All of FANKS are also an investigator. The investigation by TM NETWORK had finished and then the new investigation by FANKS started.