Life is an improvisation…

…and I’m ready for this scene to be over!

My month of April was overwhelming. When I look back on the month I am not sure how or why I got through it still standing. So much happened that I could not have predicted. And that’s life.

Life is full of unplanned moments.

I challenge you to find anyone whose life has gone exactly as planned. And if you do find someone who says their life has gone exactly according to their plans, they’re lying. Never trust this person!

It’s true — things happen in life that we don’t plan for and can’t see coming. My past month has been full of life events getting thrown my way, like bricks getting thrown at me from behind when I can’t see them. But because I’m an improviser, like a ninja, I quickly turn to catch the brick before it cracks my skull, and then take it and build a raised garden bed.

This past month a lot of bricks came my way. Many of them I caught. A couple of them hit my shoulder. And one hit me in the gut in a big way. I passed out as I pulled a door of the hinges, got in a car accident, moved out of my apartment, and was featured in Forbes. And those are just a few of the things that happened.

Regardless of how the bricks came my way and the damage done, my improv skills helped me handle these situations with grace. Sure I was flustered, overwhelmed, and even sick to my stomach (literally) at times, but I kept saying “yes, and” responding to whatever life brought me.

“Yes, and” is a key pillar of improvisation. “Yes, and” is also a key pillar in life. Using “yes, and” in life provides a way to handle whatever comes our way with acceptance and grace. Over my month, “yes, and” manifested in these ways….

  • Car accident, yes, and let me call Enterprise rental car to figure out what to do and sit on the shoulder of the freeway for hours until the official comes.
  • 94% completed my taxes before I got stuck with some unknown ways to address business taxes. Yes, and I’ll file an extension.
  • The worst stomach virus of my life (so far), yes, and after 2 days of losing every ounce of fluid and morsel in my body, rescheduling my flight, and watching 3 seasons of Seinfeld, I got the cheapest cleanse not on the market.
  • My flight from San Diego to San Francisco was canceled. Yes, and I’ll take that flight credit and book another flight!
  • Improv4 was featured in Forbes. Yes, and I’ll celebrate that all day long!
  • While moving, the landlords coming to do the inspection while the movers are moving stuff and several people are shopping at your garage moving sale, yes, and now there are more people to take away my stuff.
  • While moving, the lady supposed to pick up my dressers didn’t. Yes, and I’ll figure out a way to get them to you because they can’t stay at my house.
  • While moving, my couch and mattress buyer bailing last minute, leaving me with an extra couch and mattress to offload, yes, and f**k you people!
Despite all the hiccups with my move, I made it out, mostly standing.

…And this is just a sampling of the unexpected things that happened in a month!

You see, life is full of improv moments. Accepting the reality, saying “yes, and” helps us stay sane during these times. There are many other ways improv philosophy applies to life, so stay tuned to read more about how to use improv4 your life.

Want to be ready for life?
Say “yes, and” to improv. Improv is 4 you.

❤ m e l

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