A Social Studies Project (1.0)!

A lesson in civics

Just thought of a cool concept, so I thought I would get it out on the interwebs.

I have been spending time thinking about the Hour of Code in the past couple of weeks, and it just keeps amazing me. It’s an elegantly simple idea, and it is helping change the world.

It has inspired me to try a new type of social media experiment based off of another social media experiment I am trying.

On some date in the near future I will attempt a new form of civic protest. Call it a twitter sit-in.

I plan on devoting my twitter account (@ImproveSharing) to tweeting 5 different members of the House of Representatives a day. Each of them will get a personal question involving education and education reform within their district.

Here is the best part! You can try it too. If you have any connection to education (family, friends, whoever) and have a twitter account, you can try this.

I am not saying it will be easy. It is going to take discipline, but I think we (the people of the internet) can do it.

Well maybe……


You only do 5 tweets a day, each to a member of the House of Representatives. To make it easy here is a website that has them all.

Each representative only gets a single tweet, no repeats.

Each tweet is different for each member.

Each tweet has to be related to education reform.

Here is an example!

@RepStephenLynch Help the future of learning @Sugatam. How can an afterschool program teach children to become life long learners? #ImproveSharing

That’s all it takes…..

I have decided that this project will start on February 3rd.

Please feel free to join me if you feel like trying to make a difference.

Thanks and have fun!

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