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US Military: Planning Underway for Pelosi’s Potential Taiwan Visit

Image credit: Getty Images [via Insider]

Here are the key facts of this story, as agreed upon by Associated Press, Business Insider, BBC News, FOX News, and Reuters.

  • US officials have said that if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visits Taiwan, the military would increase its movements of forces and assets in the Indo-Pacific region, including using fighter jets, ships, and other military assets to safeguard her flight to Taiwan and any ground time spent on the island.
  • It’s not abnormal for senior leaders traveling overseas to have additional safety measures in place, but officials say that Pelosi would receive more security than usual. If her trip is confirmed, Pelosi would be the highest-ranking US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years.
  • An earlier plan to visit Taiwan in April was canceled when Pelosi tested positive for COVID. The State Dept/ says that she hasn’t officially announced any travel plans and that the US approach to relations with Taiwan remains unchanged.
  • The report of Pelosi’s potential August visit came after China asked the US on Mon. to cancel the potential sale of an estimated $108M worth of military assistance to Taipei.
  • Pelosi is also slated to visit Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as the US Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii during her planned travels.

And these are the key narratives that have emerged for this story:

  • Pro-China narrative as provided by Global Times: If Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan eventually happens, it would not be a miscalculation but an intentional provocation by the US. The US does not formally have any diplomatic relations with Taipei, but they do have formal diplomatic relations with China, and a visit to Taiwan would contradict the One China Policy and threaten PRC sovereignty.
  • Anti-China narrative as provided by Reuters: As a global champion of democracy and human rights, it is only right that the US should support Taiwan and its democratic government. Any tension or military conflict caused by a visit by Speaker Pelosi to the island would be an outlandish escalation on China’s part.
  • Nerd narrative as provided by Metaculus: There is a 16% chance that there will be a US-China war by 2035, according to the Metaculus prediction community.



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