Everyone Needs a Personal Assistant

Back in the days, professional assistant service were reserved for the rich and busy professionals. They were the ones who could afford to hire a highly-rated Personal or Executive Assistant to perform certain professional services for them and also take care of their to-do lists. Now, that exclusive service has been made open by a startup that’s set to revolutionise the way people request for help or hire a personal assistant in Nigeria.

Meet JustPingUs, a new personal assistant and customer service startup that’s making it possible and easy for everyone to have their own personal or executive assistant in Nigeria, without actually hiring anyone.

JustPingUs was founded by a Nigerian, in Nigeria and for people living in Nigeria. The startup is currently in beta and only serving users/customers in Lagos. However, the team of Pinging Experts are working as hard and as fast as they can to make their service available nationwide.

Now, imagine the roles and responsibilities of a Personal or Executive Assistant…

Some persons have been asking why we perform numerous tasks and we tell them to try and imagine the roles and responsibilities of a Personal or Executive Assistant. What exactly are the roles and responsibilities of a Personal or Executive Assistant? To be a good Personal or Executive Assistant, you should be able and ready to perform various tasks for your employer in a professional, timely, convenient, efficient and conversational manner. And that’s what we do at JustPingUs.

JustPingUs helps people get things done via messaging. Whether you want to book movie tickets, pay your mobile bill, book a flight ticket, reserve a table at your favourite restaurant or need help with shopping — you can ask JustPingUs to get it done. You can even ask JustPingUs to give you a wake up call or remind you about your meeting or friend’s birthday.

In essence, JustPingUs is one of Nigeria’s first conversational commerce platforms that is powered by real humans who fulfil requests via messaging. The Pinging Experts currently work from 8:00AM–7:00PM, Monday to Saturday, but can also fulfil some of your requests outside the working hours.

Let’s say, you have to travel to Abuja from Lagos, and want to know the cheapest flight available — just ping your request or query and a Pinging Expert will immediately respond to your query and ask you a few simple questions like departure and arrival city, travel dates and time preferences. Based on your inputs, the Pinging Expert will do all the search work and get back to you with the details of cheapest flights available. You can now select one of the flights and ask the Pinging Expert to book it for you.

Let’s take one more example. Suppose you are looking for an electrician — just ping that you need an electrician tomorrow between 2 to 3pm. A Pinging Expert will get back to you with rate card and seek your permission — “Should I proceed with the booking?” — now the choice is yours! And one the best parts about using the JustPingUs service is that each Pinging Expert will get back to you with solutions in seconds.

To sum it up, with JustPingUs, you can simply outsource your everyday tasks or to-do lists to a Pinging Expert without having to do them yourself. It helps saves time and eliminates stress for every little task, and you can ping your requests via WhatsApp (+234 701 156 6010) or Messenger.

Originally published at jerryihejirika.com.