JustPingUs Wants to Offer You Personalised Services via Messaging

Have you noticed that when you visit some restaurants, the list of foods and their various combinations on the menu can be so long that you could get confused on what to eat if you had no specific food in mind before entering the restaurant? A restaurant’s menu says a lot about the restaurant.

Have you also taken time to analyse or count the number of apps on your phone menu? How many of those downloaded apps do you often use? The apps on your phone and more importantly, the ones you use most often say so much about you.

Now, let’s take it further…

Do you know that a restaurant can control the choices you make or the food you choose to eat by controlling the food items on the menu? If that restaurant keeps serving you, saving and analysing your data, a time would reach when all you need is just to sit down without asking for any list or placing any order and you would be served the right meal. How? The restaurant has known the choices you make when given a fixed menu.

This is the type of service that JustPingUs is focused on and wants to offer you — personalised services and magical experiences. Once we become a part of your everyday live, we would be able to provide a customised service that suits your lifestyle.

At JustPingUs, we are building a human-powered AI (Artificial Intelligence). We are also building an intelligent chatbot that can learn human interactions so as to be able to respond to simple requests in the near future. Our bot will soon be able to understand you as a person based on your previous chats and respond in chat similar to what you’re used to.

Originally published on JustPingUs.com.ng.

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I’m the CEO and Founder of JustPingUs — a personal assistant and task management startup that helps people get their daily tasks done in Nigeria. I’m also using the startup to help people improve their productivity.