You Can Make Money per Task as a JustPingUs Virtual Assistant

One of the most important things we do at JustPingUs is recruiting as many highly talented persons that we can find. It boosts our business, enables us to serve our clients better and efficiently, and helps the business grow.

At JustPingUs, we have two types of Virtual Assistants (VAs): In-house and Remote Virtual Assistants (VAs). Our in-house VAs work in our office while our remote VAs can work from anywhere in the world. For our remote VAs, we will only assign tasks that we are sure you’re capable of doing, and the better you get at processing and managing some specific tasks, the more we will assign those specific tasks to you.

As a remote VA with JustPingUs, you will make money per task. You could earn as high as 90% of the total cost for each task. If you complete multiple tasks efficiently and on time, you will earn an added bonus. As an in-house VA, you will earn salary plus commission per task accomplished. The commission will only apply on tasks with high or frequent financial transactions.

There are so many tasks you could do for our clients and some of them include doing some personalised shopping, booking tickets, doing some bookkeeping or accounting (mostly treated in-house by our professional accountants), graphic or web designing, managing or covering an event, doing some products research at major markets, writing quality contents, managing blogs and social media accounts (mostly treated in-house by our social media managers), typing and converting a notebook to an e-book or creating an e-course, proofreading, doing some laundry, house cleaning or car washing, performing some electrical or handy works, etc. As a virtual assistant startup, we help our clients get anything done — so long it’s legal, possible and ethical.

So, what skills do you have? What are you really good at? You can become a registered Virtual Assistant with JustPingUs and make good money with your skills on a per task basis. We are highly selective will only assign tasks to registered VAs. To apply, click here to start.

P.S. We don’t share a client’s personal details on some of the the tasks we outsource to our partners. Very sensitive tasks are mostly treated in-house.

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Jerry Ihejirika is the CEO and Founder at — a virtual assistant and task management startup that helps its clients improve their productivity by taking care of some of their daily tasks, chores or to-do lists, efficiently.