Understanding the Situation of Problem

Every company has different types of problem in tasks because they need to satisfied different customers’ requirement. Therefore, understanding each problem’s situation is the first important part of problem solving. “Vandenbosch has written that the understanding the situation can started with two part which are describe the situation and understanding the situation through different lenses.” I think this is a good start to help workers find the truly cause of problems and get some ideas from this part. For example, if a company wants to establish a new product, they should first analyze who is their customer. According to their customers’ preference, they can design the product. This is a process of describe the situation which can help workers find truly cause of the situation and find better solution of it. Additionally, in this example, if the cost of this product is too high, they may need to search more background information to help them reduce the cost. This process is understanding the situation through different lenses. Workers can get more information through the environment, politics or social systems. These informations can broaden their minds and help them find more creative solutions than before. There is another important part which can help workers understand the situation much more clearly is diagrams or maps. Vandenbosch also writes, “language alone is very limiting in its ability to describe situations. Drawing a diagram of the relationships within an organization often brings increased insight.” After describe and understanding the situation through different lenses, workers can draw the information in the form of map. Students can consolidate their knowledge through drawing memory charts because they can find the relationships with different knowledges and remember them much easier than before. The workers have same situation that they can find the connection with different organizations of product and make sure each organization works very well. The diagram can help them avoid resolving the same problem in the next time.

Understanding the situation is the beginning part of problem solving. Although people sometimes cannot make complete situation result of problems, it is still better than people do not analyze it. To improve problem solving skill, you can practice understand the situation of problems at first.

Vandenbosch, B. (2003). Designing solutions for your business problems: a structured process for managers and consultants. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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