Feeds, Footers and Feedback — Version 1.3

Stu Franks
Jul 18 · 2 min read

Another update is here! This time a neat activity feed has been added and the site design has been changed to make the footer and navigation more pleasant on mobile devices.

The new stuff:

  • Activity Feed: Recent activity on the site can be seen through the feed tab, just what have people been up to? See for yourself at improvgames.fun/feed
The new activity feed!
  • Personal Activity Feed: See the recent activity for an individual user from their profile!
  • Fresh Footer: The website footer is all sorts of pretty. Now including more uniformed links to our socials, including our Ko-Fi and Patreon! (shameless plug)
  • Contact Form: Now it’s easier than before to give feedback, report bugs or just get in touch via the Contact us page!
Contact form, get in touch!
  • Menu Improvements: The menus have been trimmed down and sorted to provide a fresh and easier map of the site from both PC and mobile!
  • Game Sorting: Games can now be filtered to games starting with specific letters.
Filter games by letter!

What features and functionality would you like to see from improvgames.fun in the future?

To keep up to date with ImprovGames.Fun, be sure to follow us on Medium and check out our Facebook, Twitter, Patreon and Ko-Fi!


A community improv game wiki!

Stu Franks

Written by

Professional IT Man | Amateur Comedy Boy | Recreational Poetry Soul | Follow me on twitter @StuFranks | https://stuts.uk


A community improv game wiki!

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