Players Gonna Play — Version 1.2

Stu Franks
May 7 · 2 min read

In this exciting new update to the platform the player account experience has been overhauled, the site has been redesigned and comments sections have been added to the game pages.

All the new things

  • Profile pages: Profile pages have been updated to include links to your social media pages, website and also to show how much you’ve contributed to the site! Check out the screenshot below.
New profile page with badges, stats and social media links
  • Commenting: Comment sections have been added to all game pages so everyone can share their thoughts and opinions on them. This comes along with the game pages updated to show precisely who helped contribute to the game!
Comment section and inclusion of contributors underneath the social share icons!
  • Various bug fixes: There were bugs, they have been humanely crushed and disposed of in an environmentally-friendly fashion.

Not much on the surface but quite a bit “under the hood”. We’re always looking to expand the site and make it work best for the users out there.

What features and functionality would you like to see from in the future?


A community improv game wiki!

Stu Franks

Written by

Professional IT Man | Amateur Comedy Boy | Recreational Poetry Soul | Follow me on twitter @StuFranks |


A community improv game wiki!

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