Types, Text and Tags — Version 1.1

Stu Franks
Mar 21 · 2 min read

The first production update is here!

In the last few weeks there has been great feedback and community discussion which has helped streamline the development plan.

This release includes the following new features

  • Types: All games will now have a game “type”. This identifies whether the game is a warmup, exercise or show game. (Big thanks to Hugh Macleod for the suggestion!)
  • Improved Text Formatting: As can be seen in the picture below, there are now more formatting options for descriptions and other text blocks!
The new image editing experience
  • Tag Suggestions: When adding tags to a game there’ll be a little pop-up showing similar tags. Click a tag to autofill the tag box!
Tag suggestions
  • Security Improvements: Users are now required to confirm their emails to activate their accounts. Existing users are not effected by this change.
  • More Games: A very kind improviser (who wished to remain anonymous) provided me with a spreadsheet of theirs containing over 100 improv games. This sheet has been imported into the site so be sure to check out some of the epic new games!

What features and functionality would you like to see from improvgames.fun in the future?


A community improv game wiki!

Stu Franks

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Professional IT Man | Amateur Comedy Boy | Recreational Poetry Soul | Follow me on twitter @StuFranks | https://stuts.uk


A community improv game wiki!

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