What I’ve Always Missed with Apple TVs Video Playback UI

OK, let’s be honest — there are plenty of things that I miss with Apple TVs video playback UI. They’ve managed to keep it ridiculously clean from any excess information, in a way that probably only Apple can get away with at this scale. But this one thing has driven me to the brink. Over, and over, and over again.

There is inevetably a question I have to answer almost every time I sit down with my girlfriend to enjoy a movie or an episode of one the many TV series you’re supposed to watch these days.

“What time does it end?”

Here we go again. Pause. Look at the current time indicator. Look at the video length information. Sigh. Figure out the difference. Reach for iPhone. Activate the screen. Look at the time. Enjoy time addition. Provide answer. Resume playback. Give Twitter just a quick glance — I mean hey, I’m already holding my phone. Defend daily iPhone overuse. Go back to watching.

To put my mind at ease, I’ve created a mockup where I’ve tried to honor the current design as much as possible. What do you say? Is it just me going insane from interactiondesigneritis?

Photo by Josh Felise

On a different note: I spend my time designing experiences for other people. Users and clients get all of my attention between 9am and 6pm. Now that I‘m picking up writing again, I’ve come to realize that I want to focus on experiences and products where I’m the one tapping, clicking and enjoying.

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