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It is to inform you that all the disclaimers, notes, and updates that have been given in this post/article (in all the segments and their respective subparts) apply to my all (each & every) kind of digital, online & offline contents, direct & indirect associations, communications, interactions, activities, tags, mentions, partnerships (if any), affiliation (if any), likes, dislikes, tweets, quoted tweets, retweets, shares, forwards and others retroactively.


Also, all the disclaimers & updates given in this article/post in all the segments and their respective subparts are effective retroactively and going forward until further notice or update or amendment (sometimes you will get several supporting materials for the same in the footnote segment as well).


I reserve all the rights to modify the disclaimers, updates, segments, and subparts (of the segment) of this article/post at any point in time. I may make such changes without giving any prior/post notice/notification to you personally or in the public domain due to limited time constraints. So, you are humbly and sincerely advised to review it frequently to keep yourself updated about the same.


Most of the links given in this whole article/post are in the form of anchor text (link). You can take the help of search engines like Google, or DuckDuckGo, or any other, whichever is available in your country to learn more about anchor text (links).

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Segment - 2/8

Personal Disclaimers, & Humble Requests | Rudrabha Mukherjee


My all (each & every) kind of digital, online & offline contents, direct & indirect associations, communications, interactions, activities, tags, mentions, partnerships (if any), affiliation (if any), likes, dislikes, tweets, quoted tweets, retweets, shares, forwards, and others are not the endorsements, and neither they are any kind of approval of the person, place, community, association, organization, point of views, news, narration, information, intention, and the object.


I am a technology enthusiast, still earlier on several occasions, I faced some technical issues either due to the lack of knowledge and sometimes due to trusting wrong (& unknown) people via giving access to my online accounts to them.

I am trying to practice all the precautionary measures and steps (best known to me via limited learning resources I have) from now onwards to increase the security of my official online profile(/profiles) on every kind of platforms I am available officially from my end as an awakened user.

On the other side, if my official online profile’s (of any platform) security gets compromised then I will try my best to inform/update you about the same at the earliest via my other uncompromised official channels. In such cases, I will never be held responsible for the things which will get shared or said or done in such compromised platform (/platforms) or account(/accounts).

Also, in this world of negativity and PR governed (context: metaphor) social media culture if someone creates a fake account(s) with my name and tries to create disturbances or do anything objectionable or if someone spread rumour in my name, then also I will not be held responsible for anything in such regards, neither directly nor even indirectly.


Humble Requests {inclusion of [3](a) & [3](b)}

[3](a) : Earlier I met many people and I will continue to do so in life. I cannot know everything about all the people I met personally, digitally, and otherwise due to limited time constraints. Hence, never consider my past, present, and future connections or associations as an endorsement. Therefore, it is my first humble request to you to not get involved in any negativity and never entertain any such things (negativity) by anyone. Live and let live.

[3](b) : Being a social activist by passion, I will use my official social media platforms and channels for the awareness, communication and raising voice against injustice as well along with uploading/sharing other kind of contents related with my professional life, business, and personal life as well. I am grateful to INDIAN CONSTITUTION that it provides the freedom to do business with ease in INDIA. But, I will personally NEVER monetize the “justice related” contents with donations and neither by selling/upselling any product. Therefore, it is my second humble request to you to NOT donate money to me (in the future) in any form for my justice related work and not to get involved in any negativity by anyone. Live and let live.


Few hours ago, I have made an appeal to everyone via my blog article/post — Kindly Be Cautious About False or Misleading Claims. You are sincerely advised to read this blog post as well.


Tweets (and my contents/messages) are NOT intended for anyone in particular, unless categorically mentioned otherwise.

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Segment - 3/8

Copyright, Fair Use, & Content Disclaimers | Rudrabha Mukherjee


Copyright Disclaimer: I (Rudrabha Mukherjee) reserve all the rights (copyright © 2021 Rudrabha Mukherjee) of all the contents created by me in any mode, and any unauthorised use of my contents (whatsoever) in any form or anywhere via anything or anyone (whomsoever) either directly or indirectly is strictly prohibited.


Sometimes, I can also use the contents created by the other parties (other than me). All such contents come with the “Fair Use” law/disclaimer as stated below.

“Fair Use” Disclaimer:

Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Also, all the 3rd party contents used in this content by me (Rudrabha Mukherjee) is in the subjugation and in due regard to the doctoring of “Fair Dealing” under the section 52 of The Copyright Act, 1957 of The Indian Law of Copyright or/and the Copyright (Amendment) Act of 2012 (depending upon various situations/cases).


Content Disclaimers [this is the inclusion of the subparts - [3](a), [3](b), [3](c), [3](d), [3](e), [3](f), and [3](g)]

  • [3](a) : The views and opinions shared in all the offline and online platforms are personal.
  • [3](b) : The Constitution of the Republic of INDIA gives me (Rudrabha Mukherjee) the freedom of expression under ARTICLE 19[1](a) at the time of writing. I (Rudrabha Mukherjee) do not, intend to outrage, insult, wound, or hurt any religion or the religious or any kind of sentiments, reputation, beliefs/feelings of any person/class/community/institution/organization. I am sincerely apologetic if someone (especially for those who are sensitive ones) will get offended or hurt anytime due to my own personal views or opinions.
  • [3](c) : Abbreviation used in my all the online and offline contents -

(i) “Hon. or hon. or Hon’ble” stands for Honourable

(ii) “RT” stands for “Retweet”

(iii) “QTs” stands for “Quoted Tweets”

(iv) “RTs” stands for “Retweets”

(v) “Nrw", “NRW”, and “nrw" all these stand for “Not related with”

  • [3](d) : Legal Disclaimer -

In this “I” represent “Rudrabha Mukherjee” and we/their represent “Medium organization, Medium platform, and all the other offline and online platforms I use” respectively.

The information provided by “Rudrabha Mukherjee” on the site/web application (the “Medium and all the other offline & online platforms I use”) and/or their mobile application is for general informational purposes only. All information on the sites/web applications and/or their mobile application is provided in good faith, however I/we make no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability or completeness of any information on the site/web application or their mobile application.
Under no circumstance shall I/we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of the site/web application or their mobile application or reliance on any information provided on the site/web application and/or their mobile application. Your use of the site/web application and/or their mobile application and your reliance on any information on the site/web application and/or their mobile application is solely at your own risk.

  • [3](e) : Note of caution -

Though I hold professional qualifications/some experience (on paper/record) in the field of Search Engine Optimization, Public Speaking, Writing Academic E-books, Hindustani Classical Music, Android App Development, and others. But, the suggestions and information I provide through my online contents are just an observation intended for educational purposes only and it is never a substitute for any professional or legal advice or both.

My online content does not replace the need for professional advice and should not be taken as one. I am not responsible for any loss or damage that arises by using any advice mentioned in my online content (whatsoever).

The information (all) shared on my official social media and other online platforms is intended solely for the personal non-commercial use of the user who accepts full responsibility for its use. While I have taken every precaution to ensure that the content is both updated and accurate, but errors may occur. The information is provided (through any online or digital content) on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness and without any warranties of any kind whatsoever, express or implied.

  • [3] (f) : At times it is difficult to mention these disclaimers and updates either fully or even partially or even quoting about the same in short in/on every post or contents.

So, I will try to mention or quote about the same (about this article/post) in the bio (in short) and provide its link (directly or indirectly — in the form of redirected link) in the bio link of my official social media profiles and its (social media platforms) about (or similar) segment (if any) as well.

Your impression, or any kind of direct/indirect engagement with any digital/online contents of mine, either directly or indirectly leads to the compliance, agreement, and understanding of all the disclaimers and updates I gave in the form of several segments and their respective subparts in this article/post. Any kind of excuse as the exception to this will not get entertained regardless of any reason whatsoever.

  • [3](g) : Sometimes I use the term “on record” in my offline and online contents or interactions. In such cases the term — “on record” stands for my capability to produce the necessary proof(s), evidence(s), or supporting material(s) to justify the same (at that point in time) in front of the court of law (if required). But, sometimes some evidence has a limited time of existence due to several reasons. For example — sometimes my on-record evidence is based on CCTV footage or data of third party. I don’t have any control over the data retention policy of the 3rd parties. In such cases, I will not be able to produce the evidence. Therefore, I will not be liable or answerable for the same in such cases.

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Segment - 4/8

Latest Updates | Rudrabha Mukherjee

A. Update Issued In Public Interest:

B. On 17th March, 2021 — I shared the above update (issued in public interest) on my official INSTAGRAM, TWITTER and TELEGRAM Channel as well. The aforementioned is still going forward without any amendment or update or change as on date.

C. Another additional (to the aforementioned updates) update:

11:55 pm (approximately) IST, 12th September, 2021 — In last few months I went through severe mental harassments, trolling, false accusations (which I proved wrong with evidence/necessary proofs on record), and cyber stalking by some people who wanted me to stop in my mission of raising voice to prevail justice to several victims/innocents and spreading mass awareness against the several kind of crimes which are happening around us. Even, I left social media for few days as well due to the same. Hence, I have finally decided that I will not be checking DMs that is direct messages (specially from the people who got connected with me via social media) and notifications of any kind as much as possible for my mental peace, well being and focus (on work). This will be continued until further notice or amendment.

D. Another additional (to the aforementioned updates) update:

This is what I tweeted few minutes ago as an additional update. Hence, I have decided to mute/ignore almost all the kind of notifications (and everything) everywhere for my mental peace and to have zen (context: metaphor) like focus in the life.

E. Another additional (to the aforementioned updates) update:

A few hours ago (right now it is 4:44 pm IST of 23rd September, 2021 at the time of writing), I left all the groups from everywhere due to the reasons mentioned in the subsegment D of the Segment — 4/8.

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Segment - 5/8

Ending Note | Rudrabha Mukherjee

Should I update, amend or make any changes to this article/post, those changes will be prominently posted here. You can also refer the last segment (Segment - 8/8) that is the personal log of changes/updates for the same to know about some of such changes.

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Segment - 6/8



Check the screenshots given below:

Screenshot of Instagram Bio

Updated (the bio) to the following on 23rd April, 2021

Screenshot of Twitter Bio

Updated (the bio) to the following on 23rd April, 2021

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Segment - 7/8

About Me and My Current Digital Availability | Rudrabha Mukherjee

You can visit here to know about me (Rudrabha Mukherjee). I am officially and actively available on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, and TELEGRAM — ONLY, due to limited time constraint.

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Segment - 8/8

Personal Log of Changes/Updates In This Article/Post | Rudrabha Mukherjee

Information about some (not all) changes in this article/post will get shared in this segment within the next 10 working days from the day of change in this article/post.

Note: In some rare occasions or in the case of emergency I may take even longer time period to update about the same (some changes) in this segment.

  • Change/Update No. 1: Updated the segment — 6/8 (Footnotes) on 23rd April, 2021 of this article/post.
  • Change/Update No. 2: Added subsegment C under the “Segment — 4/8" of this article/post at 11:55 pm (approximately) IST, 12th September, 2021.
  • Change/Update No. 3: Made some minor (context: grammatical) changes (added, and updated few words) at 12:10 am (approximately) IST, 13th September, 2021.
  • Change/Update No. 4: Added subsegment D under the “Segment — 4/8" of this article/post at 7:39 pm (approximately) IST, 22nd September, 2021.
  • Change/Update No. 5: Added subsegment E under the “Segment — 4/8" of this article/post at 4:44 pm (approximately) IST, 23rd September, 2021.
  • Change/Update No. 6: Added sub-segment/subpart [4] under the “Segment — 2/8” of this article/post at 11:06 pm (approximately) IST, 5th December, 2021.

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Thank you for giving your precious time.

Kind Regards,

Rudrabha Mukherjee



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