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1.3.5 release, watch wallet and cold wallet launch again!

Recently the cryptocurrency market is very hot, but it’s probably to be an attack target by hackers at the same time.This month hash rate rent platform NiceHash announced that they have more than 4700 bitcoins was stolen because of a serious security accident.So we want to remind you again and again, more safe, less accident.

As a decentralized digital asset wallet,imToken always focus on safety, and now we released version 1.3.5, making some optimization in security, watch wallet and cold wallet launch is the tips:

  • Optimize the watch wallet mode
  • Optimize wallet backup guide
  • Add the prompt risk message
  • Allow Risk Assessment System to be selectively skipped

Watch wallet and cold wallet back online

In the old version of imToken, users don’t need to import a private key, simply input the wallet address to view all information of that address.However, due to lack of knowledge, causing many users mistakenly transferred assets to the watch wallet that they don’t have the private key. In order to prevent such mistakes, we have been cancelled this function in previous versions. After thinking deeply and carefully, we decided to back it online in version 1.3.5. The new version will be more closely related to the cold wallet. When the wallet is used for watching, the wallet needs to be verified with the private key from the cold wallet.

Optimize wallet backup guide, recommended priority backup mnemonic

Using blockchain services, you’ll have to go through a tedious process before getting started, including understanding what Mnemonic and Keystore are, and how you can keep your wallet backed up in a safe place. Blockchain technology makes us control own assets, but need take responsibility for safety by yourself. Due to lack of knowledge, many users don’t understand why it must be back up. Our new version takes a further optimization, the process of creat wallet is divided into two steps: the first step is to create a wallet, the second step is to backup the wallet, and guide you backup wallet.

In the new version of the backup guide, we recommend new users priority backup mnemonic .because we found in the previous survey, although theoretically Keystore is the most secure because it’s encrypted private key again, the user will forget the password, resulting from assets get lost.However, because the mnemonic is plaintext-free and has no password, it cannot be stored online. You’d better copied it on paper and stored in a safe place.

Optimized export Keystore function, provide a more convenient QR code

Compared with the old version of Keystore Backup, imToken 1.3.5 cancels the calling system’s sharing interface and only use copy button and the QR code. In theory, it greatly improves the user’s operating safety.

Although Keystore has additional password protection, but also pay attention to use it with security, Be sure to copy and paste the Keystore to a secure, offline location. Don’t use the network tools to send Keystore files, especially like email, WeChat, QQ, etc.Once acquired by hackers will cause irreparable loss of assets.

Keystore and password to be saved separately, it is recommended to use more secure and convenient password management tools such as 1Password or LastPass save. The other QR code generated for direct scan use only, screenshots, photos stored in the phone is very dangerous, please be sure to use it around no one or no camera, once the QR code leaked, it will also cause irreparable assets loss.

Add the risk prompt message

The new version adds risk prompt message, imToken suggests users “large amount assets use cold wallet, a small amount of asset use hot wallet”. Why is a cold wallet safer? The cold wallet can be sign-off transactions offline to prevent privacy key from being exposed directly in an opening environment, reducing the possibility of stolen. It is more convenient to use a cold wallet than a hardware wallet. You just have to find an old mobile phone and install imToken, then turn on airplane mode; it becomes cold wallet instantly. The hot wallet will be able to send the transaction with a very simple scan from your cold wallet.

About more

Make sure that you have been finished backup before you want to update(write down mnemonic in the paper, keep it offline ), refer to the tutorial:

  • Please go to official channel download APP, like website, Google Play or App store.
  • You can go to support centra to get more information about imToken and if you have any question, send email to us.
  • More discuss, welcome to join us:



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