Announcement | Join Decentraland’s Second LAND Auction in imToken

Use imToken 2.0 to participate in the upcoming LAND Auction!

Since June, you are able to access Decentraland in imToken 2.0. You may have used it already to browse, purchase, and manage LAND, the tokens that represent areas in Decentraland’s virtual world.

Today, we are happy to announce, that we are also supporting Decentraland in their latest endeavor, enabling you to take part in the upcoming LAND auction!

Decentraland’s first LAND auction concluded in January 2018, with a total of over 161 million MANA spent, which equaled roughly 30 million dollars at the time. There are still over 9,300 unclaimed parcels of LAND, and an auction aims to provide a fair and equal opportunity to everyone to obtain new parcels of unowned LAND.

Follow the guide on how to participate through imToken! (Chinese, Korean subtitles available)

Decentraland + imToken

We’re getting closer and closer to the start of the LAND Auction, with only a few days left before it kicks off.

One of Decentraland’s biggest goals with this second auction is to ensure that LAND is made available to a wide group of users.

So, it only makes sense to provide support for the auction on imToken, with an infrastructure that will help lower the barrier of entry to the Decentraland ecosystem.

It’s easy to install imToken 2.0 on your iOS or Android mobile device. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone or tablet, you’ll need to create an “identity” which you’ll use to manage your wallets, tokens, and transactions. You can find a selection of helpful tutorials covering the basics of imToken in our Help Center. If you want to upgrade from imToken 1 to imToken 2.0, update both apps and click the in-app upgrade button.

Once you you have imToken up and running, simply find Decentraland in the Browser or navigate to after the auction has begun, and start shopping for LAND!

More about imToken

imToken is a powerful crypto wallet that makes it easy for users to manage their digital assets and tokens across multiple wallets, on multiple blockchains.

imToken isn’t limited to ERC20 tokens — you can use it to store and trade other tokens on the Ethereum blockchain in addition to BTC, all secured with a single identity, and a single Mnemonic phrase.

imToken also provides an instant exchange founded in the Kyber Network and 0x Protocol, so you can quickly swap one asset for another without having to log into multiple wallets.

Finally, imToken’s dApp browser brings all of this together so that you can quickly and seamlessly log into different dApps, like the Decentraland Marketplace or LAND Auction.

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.