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Announcement | Send ETH via link & text message now on imToken 2.0

Send a small amount of ETH to the ETH2 DApp on your imToken 2.0. The Dapp then generates a link that anybody can use to receive the ETH. Use it to onboard your friends or as a christmas gift.

You might find yourself in a situation where you want to send somebody ETH, but not knowing his or her Ethereum address. Maybe that person hasn’t even used Ethereum before.

Now you can open imToken, open your DApp browser and click on ETH2 DApp.

How does it work?

In short, ETH2 links the crypto transfer process to a person’s phone number or a link. Eth2 only has a few basic requirements: Ability to install a wallet to store cryptocurrency and a phone number, in case you want to send via sms.

To learn more about our technology solution, take a look at the “Using Escrow Smart Contracts to Secure ETH Transactions with Eth2article.

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, whose users produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS.

Our amazing new imToken 2.0 International introduces features, such as:

  • BTC Segwit, ETH, EOS wallet support
  • Address book synchronized over IPFS
  • Native DEX integration: Tokenlon
  • Secure Cold Wallet setup
  • Updated DApp browser
  • DApp News Feed

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.

In case of questions, write us an Email



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