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Announcing imToken Partnership with Subscan

Thanks to Subscan, imToken users can view and verify on-chain data of tokens on the Polkadot ecosystem

Now, we are happy to announce that we officially integrated the Subscan API in our latest version 2.9.4 app. This provides imToken users with easy access to view and verify Polkadot on-chain data.

Building a reliable decentralized digital asset wallet has always been the goal of the imToken team. In the next version of the product, we will focus on optimizing asset management for our users.

Therefore, we will establish a long-term, close partnership with Subscan, a third-party data service provider in the Polkadot ecosystem to, to provide imToken users a stable, robust and accurate Polkadot on-chain data services, with a focus on security.

About Subscan is a high-precision multi-chain explorer built for substrate-based blockchains. Subscan supports data exploration and visualization of more than a dozen networks in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Learn more: Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer

About imToken

imToken is a decentralized digital wallet used to manage and safeguard a wide range of blockchain- and token-based assets, identities and data. Since its founding in 2016, it has helped its users transact and exchange billions of dollars in value across more than 150 countries around the world. imToken allows its users to manage assets on 12 mainstream blockchains, as well as seamlessly connect with DApps via a decentralized applications browser.

Learn more: imToken | Ethereum & Bitcoin Wallet



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