Want to buy an imKey and pay directly with imToken? You can do it and its really simple with the new imKey DApp!

Jan 9 · 3 min read
Special imToken edition imKey

The presale of imKey launched on January 4th with full compatibility with imToken 2.0!

Many of you wonder whether you can buy an imKey directly using imToken? The answer is: of course you can! And we have an imKey DApp just for this purpose.

Here are the steps:

  • Open imToken 2.0
  • Click on the [Browser] to enter the DApp browser
  • Search for [imKey] DApp, click to enter


  • Click on [Buy Now]
  • Select [imToken] to proceed to the E-shop
  • Select the currency for payment

Note: Receive $7.9 off If you have more than 3 TFTs or if you pay with DAI/USDC
You can get DAI easily with imToken with the instant exchange function powered by KyberNetwork!

Let’s continue:

  • Click on [Buy now]
  • Enter discount code, if any, to receive an additional $7.9 off!
  • Submit order and send the transaction with imToken
  • DONE!

About imKey

imKey is a hardware wallet producer, combining simplicity and security into a hardware wallet.

Some noteworthy features of imKey includes:

  • Offline private key storage, protect from online attacks
  • State-of-the-art Hardware
  • Compatible with imToken
  • 8.1g lightweight designed with Bluetooth connection
  • Software updates without replacing hardware parts

To find out more about imKey, please visit https://imkey.im or contact the imKey team via support@imkey.im.

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, whose users produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS.

Our amazing new imToken 2.0 International introduces features, such as:

  • BTC Segwit, ETH, EOS wallet support
  • Address book synchronized over IPFS
  • Native DEX integration: Tokenlon
  • Secure Cold Wallet setup
  • Open DApp browser
  • DApp News Feed
… or directly on www.token.im


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Digital Assets Within Your Control

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