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DApp Report: Fantom Dapps on your imToken

Learn about all the latest DApps on Fantom you can already use on imToken today

At imToken we recently added support for custom nodes. For you as a user that means, you are able to use DApps and send tokens on many new blockchains such as Fantom.

From the website:

Fantom is a high-performance, scalable, and secure smart-contract platform.

Sounds good but hard to understand? Well, for you as the user it means paying less fees while transfers confirm faster:

  • Fantom transactions are super quick and almost free, like an imaginary version of Ethereum where transactions costed under $1
  • Fantom is EVM compatible. That means you can use imToken simply by … using it
  • Fantom integrated DeFi protocols such as SushiSwap, ChainLink and more

More to the tech behind it some other time, but for now let’s take a look at what you can actually do on Fantom today.

Fantom Dapps


SpookySwap is an automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Fantom Opera network with a swap fee of 0.2%. Spooky has the BOO governance token, diverse farms, grants to encourage a healthy ecology of other Fantom projects, and user-centered service. You can find more details here on their site.



We love how they integrated EIP3085 for easy 1click switch of your Ethereum network to the Fantom network connection. Thumbs up from us.

Ester Finance

Ester is the first native yield farming optimizer on Fantom. Open the DApp and you will find various options of farming pools including FTM, BOO, EST, SPIRIT and ICE. They also offer an overview of percentage yields similar to what you might know from Yearn.




We think it’s a decent farming aggregator in a young ecosystem. If you are looking to explore Fantom, you should check out their site! We love that they support EIP3085 as well, enabling 1click switch of your Ethereum network to the Fantom network connection. Good example!


The only yield farm for the Alpha Quadrant. Resistance is Futile.

BorgSwap is strong on Memes, but how about their product? Let’s take a look: BORGSWAP is both a swapping and a Layered Yield Farm dApp. Their exchange comes with the familiar Uniswap look and is available on Binance Smart Chain.

On Fantom they just released their first Yield Farm, called Seven of Nine ($SON) featuring BORG-FTM, SON-FTM, BORGDAI-FTM and more.

Looks like a bigger focus on Fantom is on the way, according to their roadmap. Borg also features a BORG DAI rebase token.

Supra Finance

The next Fantom DeFi project we take a look at is Supra Finance. The app offers yield farms on both Binance Smart Chain as well as Fantom. On Fantom, users can manage more than 10 FTM vault pools. Supra features the FLP and SUPRA tokens and SupraDollar.

All vaults in Supra are automatically compounded similar to yield farms on Ethereum. You will earn more tokens (the same token you deposited), the vault sells the farm reward every a few hours and buys more staked tokens (or LPs) to be able to compound.

We love that they support EIP3085 as well, enabling 1click switch of your Ethereum network to the Fantom network connection. Good example!

Based Swap

You might know Based from other chains. Being based, they do support Ethereum mainnet as well as Fantom (and other chains). Enter the DApp to find the usual Uniswap-eque interface for swapping. Besides the Swap, they also feature yield farming: BASED-FTM and more.


You might know these DApps from Ethereum. Now they are on Fantom too!

Switch to Fantom (in your imToken settings or the Chainlist DApp). Then open SushiSwap on Fantom simply by entering the DApp on your imToken DApp browser. The familiar interface for token swap is awaiting you.

That’s our DApp report on Fantom. If you know more DApps to be featured on imToken, do let us know or directly fill out the listing form here.

Edit: Adding more..

Spirit Swap

You asked, we delivered: We just added Spirit Swap too. The DEX on Fantom.

SpiritSwap adds revenue sharing on top of the classic AMM model with trading, staking, and farming.

Mushrooms Finance

Mushrooms Finance has been available for our users on Ethereum. Now it’s also on Fantom. Mushrooms is a Yield Farm aggregator with tokens like BOO, Spirit and FTM.

… or directly on



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