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Hodor! imToken 1.3.0 is released!

After one iteration of development and two weeks of conducting an alpha test we’re excited to release, Hodor, version 1.3.0 of the imToken wallet app. We’ve introduced the following four features and an update to the Yunbi mini program:

  • ENS transfer
  • Fee preview
  • Custom path
  • Fingerprint/pattern Login
  • Yunbi revision

ENS transfer

In May, we published the ENS DApp. Now, we’ve taken it a step further by adding the option for you to transfer tokens using the ENS domain. This can be done by typing in the domain under ‘Receiver’s Address’ and making sure the address is populated below before filling out the other details of the transaction. This feature increases the ease of completing a transaction. For example, if you have an address you regularly send to instead of typing in the address you can simply type in the domain.

Fee preview

As you know, gas, is the crypto-fuel that is consumed when code is executed by the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The gas pays for the execution of every operation made on an Ethereum blockchain. The fee is the amount of ether that the miners will charge for them to execute your transaction. In Hodor, you can now see the estimated mining fee you are willing to provide prior to confirming a transaction. The fee is gas multiplied by gas price and shown in the value of ETH on the app. We introduced this feature so transaction fees are transparent even before completing a transaction.

Custom path

In this version, the custom path feature allows you to import a mnemonic from an outside wallet to create a wallet in imToken. There are three custom paths: (1) default; (2) Ledger; and (3) your custom path. The first option is default, which includes imToken, Jaxx, Exodus, TREZOR and MetaMask, the second option is the Ledger and the last is using a custom path. When choosing the custom option we can accept any path following the BIP44 standard. The reason we added this function is because it is convenient to be able to import a mnemonic from an existing wallet that hasn’t followed the community convention.

Fingerprint/Pattern Login

The last main feature of Hodor is the fingerprint and pattern login option. For iOS users, you can set a fingerprint login by selecting the ‘Touch ID’ option under ‘Settings’ in the ‘Profile’ tab. For Android users, in the same location you can select the option to login using a pattern. This feature increases the ease of logging in each time you use the application. If you have trouble loging in with the fingerprint or pattern, there is a ‘Wallet Password’ option at the bottom of the screen that you can login using your wallet password.


In addition to the features we’ve added, we’ve also optimized our integration of the Yunbi exchange by polishing the user interface and increased the efficiency of the transaction process.

Blockchain technology is spreading around the world which is fueling growth in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This can be seen through increased media attention and the amount of people that are investing in cryptocurrencies today. An example of this is CoinBase, which has added 1 million users in June alone, which is a clear indication that this industry is growing at a fast pace. More ICO’s are being created to appease the demand of the market. There are over 200 types of tokens managed by imToken. When we established this company we knew that tokenization would be widespread. It is becoming more and more popular and tokens are carrying more business value. We wanted to bring our customers the opportunity to invest in businesses and ideas they love. The imToken team will continue to improve the app., while offering a safe and high quality service to users.



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