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How to become an Ethereum validator with imToken Eth2 staking

imToken 2.9.1 now has full support for Eth2 key generation and staking-as-a-service custody with InfStones.

More on our new Eth2 feature on our latest blog:

And other staking tools:

If you have no idea what staking-as-a-service custody is, please refer to The pros and cons of different Eth2 staking solutions, which explains why and how this staking solution guarantees the ownership and control of users’ assets through transparent node information, and how the user can rest assured about node operation, node validation and maintenance services.

With your 32 ETH ready, the following guide will walk you through the steps of staking to get a validator node on the Beacon Chain.

Step 1

Click on “Eth2 Staking” to enter the staking page, then click on “>” — “Stake”.

Step 2

Enter the number of nodes you want to purchase, each node requiring you to deposit 32 ETH. After confirming the number of nodes, click on “Next” to enter the fee confirmation page.

Step 3

Select the Eth1 wallet address to pay and check the total amount which consists of deposit amount, service fee and gas fee.

  • Deposit amount: 32 ETH per validator node.
  • Service fee: $100/yr is for the service of InfStones to maintain the operation of the node, which will continue until the Ethereum mainnet is merged with the Beacon Chain.
  • Gas fee: Required to send this transaction and depends on the real-time gas price of the Ethereum mainnet

Please note: The current service fee of $100/node/yr is a limited time offer. Grab it now before the price goes up. The original price will be restored afterwards, please refer to the service fee shown in the wallet when purchasing.

Step 4

Please read the risk clause carefully and note that:

  • The deposited 32 ETH and accumulated rewards will not be transferrable until the Ethereum mainnet is merged with the Beacon Chain, which means they will potentially be locked and non-redeemable for 1 year or longer.
  • The mnemonic of Eth1 wallet will be used to retrieve ETH deposited on Eth2 after the Ethereum mainnet is merged with the Beacon Chain. So please back up your mnemonic safely. If you lose the mnemonic, there will be no other way to retrieve the funds.

Carefully read the risk clause and confirm payment. After the transaction is created, please wait for confirmation on the Beacon Chain, and the estimated waiting time is somewhere between 12 and 18 hours.

Step 5

After the confirmation is done on the Beacon Chain, the validators will wait in a queue for activation as only 900 validators can get activated per day. As of this writing, the waiting time for activation is about 4 days.

Once the status of the validator switches from Pending to Active, it will start staking and accrue interests. You can check the BETH in the staking page and click on “Validators” to check the balance and APR and other details.

Please note: BETH (Beacon ETH) refers to your asset on the Beacon Chain. Each BETH represents 1 ETH you staked and you will receive your staking rewards in BETH too. However, BETH cannot be transferred or redeemed until the Ethereum mainnet is merged with the Beacon Chain.

Beacon Chain Explorer

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