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imToken 2.0 International Release Candidate Published

We are proud to publish imToken 2.0 International Release Candidate (RC), download it from our official website now!

imToken 2.0 International was conceptualized back in July 19th, 2017. After 5 iterations, 317 days, and support from more than 20,000 beta testers, we are thrilled to publish our 2.0 International RC version, the final testing version.

The final RC iteration brings about some exciting new updates as well:

  • Supporting Bitcoin and introducing SegWit compatibility
  • Tokenlon, in-house token-to-token exchange
  • Improved Decentralized Application (DApp) browser
  • IPFS based address book
  • Enhanced crypto market tracking and alerts tools

Multi-chain Wallet Management

imToken has grown into the leading Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens wallet with over 4 million monthly active users. We strongly believe that a wallet should be blockchain agnostic, and developed the concept of multi-chain wallets with one digital identity in our brand new 2.0 version.

Blockchain technology enabled the mass adoption of digital identity, a new frontier where individuals have complete control and custody over one’s assets and information. Managing multi-chain wallets with one cryptographically generated digital identity significantly simplifies asset management and reduces risk of loss. imToken 2.0 currently supports Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens, Bitcoin wallet (with SegWit)and EOS as soon as the main platform goes live. We plan to integrate more in the near future.

Tokenlon: Our In-house Token-to-token Exchange

With Tokenlon, we built a decentralised exchange based on Kyber Network and 0x protocol directly into the wallet. With it we aim to offer secure, reliable, fast, and seamless mobile trading experience to our users.

Tokenlon offers two unique trading experiences:

  1. Instant Exchange (IEX), based on Kyber Network protocol
    Kyber Network protocol will select the best exchange rate across multiple reserves within the network to ensure the best experience for speedy token-to-token conversion with fair market price. In the near future, collaboration with Polkadot, Cosmos and other cross-chain protocols will allow users to execute cross-chain transaction (not only ERC 20 tokens) seamlessly using Tokenlon’s Instant Exchange function.
  1. Spot trading, order book system, based on 0x protocol
    As the most popular and innovative decentralized exchange protocol, 0x has already been adopted by many renowned decentralized exchanges. Given that 0x protocol enables order sharing system between platforms, the adoption of 0x on Tokenlon would mean that there is greater market depth to fulfil orders quickly.

More importantly, Tokenlon aims support more decentralized trading protocols in the future to further improve users experience and allow seamless digital asset movement within imToken. That aside, the newly introduced liquidity offered on Tokenlon plays a part in making the technology more accessible for users, thereby encouraging mainstream adoption of the blockchain technology.

Improved Decentralized Applications Browser

DApp browser was implemented in imToken’s first version, and included in-house developed DApps like ENS Pro for users to purchase Ethereum domain names. With the release of imToken 2.0 International, imToken’s DApp SDK documentation and compatible Web3 APIs will be made public, providing the necessary support for developers who are undoubtedly the main architects for blockchain technology infrastructure.

imToken’s DApp SDK interface enables third-party developers to utilise TokenPay to construct DApps that can efficiently execute token payment and smart contract calls.

The Digital Identity in imToken allows simple authorization with third party DApps. The system also introduced a new level of convenience for KYC and AML verification.

The DApp browser provides seamless access to the DApp ecosystem, introducing more real world applications for users. DApps including Decentraland, HyperDragons, Delphy, and more are currently waiting to be included!

Visit imToken official website to experience imToken 2.0 now!

For more information about imToken,

imToken Website:
Telegram Announcement Channel:
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