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imToken 2.5.4, creating EOS accounts even more conveniently

imToken 2.5.4 with EOS account creation & transfer miner fee are optimized.

imToken 2.5.4 update.

  • You can create an EOS account more easily
  • Optimized miner fees for BTC transfers
  • Optimize ETH miner fees to make your transactions better and faster
  • Other fixes and optimizations

Create an EOS account more conveniently

Are you anxious to create an EOS account, but you don’t have enough ETH in your wallet to create one? With imToken 2.5.4, we now provide a more convenient solution:

Create your EOS account in imToken as follows:

  1. Use ETH to complete the payment
  2. Hold 3 TFTs for free registration
  3. Other payment methods available (so far China only)

Optimized BTC miner fee display

This version optimizes the way the BTC default miner fee is shown to you. That means, you will have more realistic estimates before sending on the miner fees before sending your BTC transfer.


How to set transaction fees?

Optimized ETH miner fee

As before, this version will intelligently estimate the appropriate miner fee for your ETH and ERC20 token transactions, but now even better, reducing the transfer failure caused by “out of gas / insufficient miner fee”, making transactions faster and fail less.


What is the miner fee on Ethereum?

What is the reason for the transaction failure?

How to update

  1. Android users: You can download from the official website or at your favorite app store
  2. iOS users: You can download from the App Store

For 1.0 users, please follow the tutorial below to upgrade 1.0 to 2.0 safely:

If you face any difficulty using imToken or have any comments and suggestions for us, please submit your feedback directly within the app.

Always backup your keys!

  1. Before upgrading, please make sure that all wallet identities have been backed up properly. Please write down the Mnemonic phrase on a physical paper, never store it in the network;
  2. Please restrain from sharing your private key, Mnemonic phrase or Keystore to anyone! If you find potential hacking activities in imToken, please report to us via email at to prevent more people from being deceived;

Please have a look at our Help Center at for more detailed information about imToken.

… or directly on



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