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imToken Labs: Explaining the Maker DAI Bridge

An introduction to MakerDAO’s Optimism DAI Bridge

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Rollup Bridges

Fast Withdrawal (From L2 to L1)

The Usual Fast Withdrawal Process

The Maker DAI Bridge

Disadvantage of Maker’s approach

The Process Behind Maker’s Bridge


  • Currently, Maker only supports Optimistic Rollup (or more precisely, Optimism only), because most of the current ZK Rollups do not support L1 <-> L2 interaction (which, as mentioned, is a necessary feature). The dispute period of ZK Rollup is much shorter than that of Optimistic Rollup, therefore fast asset withdrawal will not be a much needed feature for ZK Rollup users.
  • The Maker Optimism DAI Bridge is still in production.
  • The same design can be used for other Optimistic Rollups, such as Arbitrum with modifications to Arbitrum’s Rollup Bridge.



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