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imToken Updates and News for February 2021

Wow, what a ride: The crypto markets jumping from all-time-high to all-time-high. All the while Wall Street gets challenged by the internet crowd pumping their own GME bags. Their logic next step? To look into crypto. 🐕

While waiting for mass adoption, let’s take a look at the latest news below.

Crypto Asia in Review

As imToken is based here in Asia, let us present what happened around us over the last weeks:

Starting with Wall Street Bets. Hong Kong-based crypto exchange, FTX, adds GME, Doge and others. (See

As usual when markets pump, Bitcoin rallies and Chinese media warn that ‘bitcoin trading is still ‘in a gray zone’. (More at 8BTC.)

Messari’s latest research finds that Asia accounts for almost half of global crypto trading. Not so shocking if you account for 60% of the world population living in Asia. It is, however, interesting that ‘East Asia engages in more short-term trades over a wider variety of assets, compared to North America where the focus is more on long-term holdings of Bitcoin’. The US loves Bitcoin. (More on Messari.)

Other than Binance, Chinese exchanges are losing market share. OKEx saw its dominance fall by about half in 2020, and Huobi by 7%. Meanwhile, DEXs are growing more and more. Compared to centralized exchanges, DEX volumes are still low though (see Coingecko statistics). (More at 8BTC.)

DCEP, again. China’s digital currency electronic payment (DCEP) was in the news when a Shanghai hospital let its staff pay for food with DCEP cards. (Pictures at 8BTC.)

Meanwhile, the city of Shenzhen distributed 20 million digital yuan red packets. For the third time, 100k people will be able to receive a red packet via a lottery. Winners had to download the official app and spend their e-yuan before it expired on January 17. (More at SCMP.)

The digital RMB wallet mentioned above already supports different 8 banks. We assume the DCEP development will continue. (8BTC.)

Last but not least, finally peace: The dispute over Bitmain ended, and Wu Jihan stepped down peacefully. Let’s hope he enjoys his retirement. (More at The Block.)

imToken — Tokenlon, Tezos

Our partner-DEX, Tokenlon, integrated SushiSwap as a liquidity source, and started the second phase of their liquidity mining program. More tokens, more fun in imToken. (More details on their blog.)

We released support for Tezos! With everything you need for your Tezos experience:

Create, import, backup Tezos accounts, send transactions and watch balances, and bake (Tezos’ staking). You can stake with any baker as well as with our own imToken baker. (More on our blog.)

Tezos fans might be interested in our interview with Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman. (Read on our blog.)

Don’t forget to check the latest version at or your favorite app store.

See you next time,
Your imToken team



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