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imToken Updates and News for May 2021

Latest news on Crypto Asia and imToken

Crypto Asia in Review

As imToken is based here in Asia, let us present what happened around us over the last weeks:

AliPay Launches Digital Yuan Model For Select Users. For now, the function is only available to users that have been whitelisted by AliPay though. (More)

Recently, Ripple acquired 40% stakes in Asia remittance payments firm Tranglo to expand their on-demand liquidity service (see more). After that, it launched Cambodia’s first international remittance service that uses blockchain rails. (More)

The percentage of Bitcoin miners located in China is dropping, and some of the original resident miners in China are also relocating. In theory this leads to a more distributed network which benefits the overall network security. (More)

Binance temporarily stopped withdrawals and resumed after half an hour for system maintenance, on the 10th May. The exchange giant is said to have been attracting more than 300,000 user registrations a day. (More)

Updates about imToken

The latest imToken comes with one major update: Ethereum staking on mobile.

You can now generate your very own Ethereum 2.0 address on imToken. Just like all your other chain addresses, your Eth2 address is connected to your imToken wallet.

With your Eth2 address you can then go on and stake >32ETH on Ethereum 2.0 thanks to our integration with InfStones.

On top you can stake with countless other DApps

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