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Announcement | Introducing Digital Collectibles to imToken 2.0 — together with Gods Unchained

We are happy to welcome digital collectibles to imToken 2.0. You are now able to view details of your collectibles, send them to friends and get Gods🃏, CryptoKitties🐱, LAND🏝 & Hyperdragons🐉. All within your imToken 2.0 wallet.

If you own a CryptoKitty or other collectibles in your imToken 2.0, you might have already noticed a new tab within the wallet tab, showing a new category of Ethereum tokens: Digital collectibles.

What are collectibles?

You have probably heard of CryptoKitties, the first thriving game on top of the Ethereum. The game made headlines because of its idea of trading game items which derive their uniqueness from the Ethereum blockchain.

Later, this idea of unique tokens based on Ethereum was formalized into the ERC721 token standard. Similar to ERC20, ERC721 tokens can be traded on the Ethereum blockchain, but unlike ERC20 they are non-fungible meaning each token can possess unique characteristics. The value of those non-fungible tokens (short: NFTs) is a result of the uniqueness and rareness associated with each token. Lately, many projects in the Ethereum ecosystem started building applications using NFTs, such as CryptoKitties, Decentraland, Gods Unchained, Hyperdragon, and many others.

Since version 2.0.9, imToken 2.0 now supports displaying and transferring Ethereum collectibles, including Gods Unchained, Decentraland, CryptoKitties, and HyperDragons.

Start your own imToken Collectibles collection with Gods Unchained

We already talked about what Collectibles are, but how do you get started with them in imToken?

Begin to explore Collectibles with Gods Unchained (GU): a free-to-play, turn-based competitive trading card game which has sold well over 1 million cards since their announcement last July. Each match in GU is a 1v1 battle against another player (or computer), with the goal of the game to reduce your opponent’s life to zero using a deck of 30 cards.

Each Gods Unchained trading card is a unique ERC721 token, saved in an Ethereum account. Through imToken 2.0, you will be able to purchase, store, and transfer cards for Gods Unchained. Thanks to the ERC721 standard, your ownership over each card is guaranteed, similar to the guarantee of physical cards such as in Magic: The Gathering, all securely stored in your imToken wallet.

On top of that, 0x protocol already implemented support for trading ERC721 tokens. Using this technology, Gods Unchained will later implement an exchange that lets you trade your Gods Unchained cards directly within the Gods Unchained DApp in imToken.

Read more about Gods Unchained on Medium or join the discussion on Discord or at!

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, with currently 6 million users that produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS, backed by world-class security.

We are already working on adding more tokens as well as more features for collectibles, such as:

  • Integrated markets to buy and sell collectibles
  • Additional games and collectible DApps
  • Support for custom token profiles
  • More collectible projects

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favourite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.

For more information about imToken,




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