Join the Credo ICO with imToken

Credo is the newest cryptocurrency that can be used via BitBounce. Credos are sent to an email recipient via BitBounce to receive or respond to your email. To send Credos is to respect and honor your recipient’s time. BitBounce implements the filtering of emails from unknown contacts and the payment mechanism for email receipt or response. The credo token is the primary unit of exchange that recipients are compensated with, though Bitcoin and Tezzies will also be supported for convenience. Credo serves the additional purpose of incentivizing adoption and continued use of the BitBounce solution via distributions based on proof of usage. BitBounce seeks to create a new market for email access in which email senders contacting unknown recipients pay a fee for the email to either go through or be responded to. It is not only an opportunity for businesses to interact with customers, but also to value them.

CREDO Sale Summary

  • Start Block: 4077830
  • Maximum Cap: 100000 ETH
  • Minimum Cap: 250 ETH
  • Rate: 3752 CREDO / 1 ETH
  • Token Structure: 40% of the supply will be sold to the public; 30% reserved for a user growth pool; 15% reserved for general company expenses; 15% allocated to team members/shareholders in BitBounce’s parent company.
  • Funding Purpose: Improving the BitBounce service through product improvements, recruiting VIPs for email access, customer support, partnerships; Acquiring market share through paid marketing, advertising, PR; Defending against security threats through encryption, proactive defense and protecting our trademark and the IP of our inventions
  • Pursuant to which the Smart Contract System will automatically create and promptly deliver a Credo ICO token to the ERC20 wallet address from which the Ether were sent. During or following the Sale Period, the Company will send Credo tokens to wallet addresses that hold Credo ICO tokens with a 1-to-1 amount of Credos sent for the amount of Credo ICO tokens held by the wallet.

imToken ICO Pro Tutorial

Download imToken via, then create or import ethereum wallet. Caution! Please backup the wallet after the above operation immediately. Save both the mnemonic and private key in a place that only you can access. Please prepare the ETH in advance to participate in the ICO then you are good to go.

1. Click the ‘ICO Pro’ DApp icon in the “Discover” tab, then click on the Credo page.

2. Input the amount, click the “Join ICO” button, confirm to send the transaction.

3. Go to the ‘Assets’ tab after there have been 12 confirmations of your transaction. Click the “+” icon, slide the bar next to the CREDO token so it is green. When you return to the “Assets” tab you will see the CREDO balance in the main screen.

PC Instructions

On a PC, you can use the ICO DApp by typing in this link: You can join the auction easily with Metamask.