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Major Arbitrum Release: Everything you Need, From Beginner to Degen

Decoded transaction history, DeFi Portfolio, EIP-3085, L2 push notifications and much more in the new imToken

Our Arbitrum features, exclusively on imToken

  • 👀 Understand what’s happening: Decoded transaction and trade history
  • 📊 Watch your DeFi Portfolio: Positions on Uniswap, SushiSwap, GMX, Dopex and many more
  • 📲 Get notified of changes in your balance via push notifications, now including Layer 2

More of our favorite Arbitrum features

  • 🌉 Start by bridging over some tokens via Hop, xPollinate, Bungee, LayerSwap or the official Arbitrum Bridge
  • 💹 Watch your balance and L2 token prices thanks to multiple price sources
  • ⛵ Switch to the correct networks within DApps (EIP-3085): GMX, Dopex, SushiSwap, Curve and many more
  • 📸 Scan the QR code to use imToken on desktop DApps via WalletConnect

Arbitrum leading the Layer 2 revolution by 5x

Arbitrum is the number one Layer 2 so far. Roughly 150,000 users per month are using popular DApps such as SushiSwap, Curve, Uniswap, dForce. But also new ones such as GMX and Dopex.

imToken Wallet: A new Arbitrum experience

Now let’s take a look at our amazing new features👇

Easy: Jump right into Layer 2

No more fiddling with the knobs. Just get right into it.

Transparent: Get started with DeFi on Arbitrum

Get a quick understanding of all your actions on-chain.

Convenient: Keep track of your balance

imToken lets you watch all token prices — including tokens on L2 — thanks to multiple pricing sources.

More updates

Besides Arbitrum we also integrate a new Tokenlon feature. The DEX aggregator now lets you choose to pay gas fees with tokens — in case of an empty wallet — or with ETH — for zero minimum trade limits.

Layer 2 on imToken

We hope you enjoy this update and keep in touch with us on Twitter. We promise: More Layer 2 news for imToken and Tokenlon around the corner!



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