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Programmatic Trading on Tokenlon

Learn how to use your trading bot on the Tokenlon DEX.

  • Easy to use: As the user sees what he gets, using one-click interface
  • Affordable: As ERC20 tokens are sent out via gasless transactions
  • More secure: No deposit/withdrawal necessary as tokens go wallet-to-wallet via trustless swap

Trading on Tokenlon

Tokenlon applies the traditional OTC RFQ/RFS model as its core trading protocol: The user first asks for a price for a specific pair and amount from one or multiple market makers.

Building a bot for Tokenlon

To run a trading bot, we are offering a javascript SDK. Please find our documentation at:

  • 📊 Obtain historic and current quotations (i.e. ticker) (via rpc & restful API)
  • 📊 Obtain trade data: Volume, wallets, trades, tokens, order state & history
  • 📈 Submit trades to the Tokenlon DEX

Contact us

Reach out to us in Telegram or via for support with setting up trading bots.



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